How to get Squid Tentacles in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Just buying new, better weapons will help you pass most of the challenges Like a Dragon: Unlimited Riches, However, if you want to reduce grinding or face endgame challenges, there’s no harm in upgrading and making better equipment. All the materials you’ve picked up from the ground and gathered from battle will help you achieve that goal, but the game’s top-tier weapons will require even more. Things like Squid Tentacles, for whatever reason, are one of the rare materials needed to craft this powerful weapon. There are only a few ways these slippery limbs can get stuck, so instead of ruining your Hawaiian vacation because of stress, we’re going to show you how to get your hands on a Squid Tentacle as painlessly as possible.

Where to get Squid Tentacles


There are two ways to insert Squid Tentacles Like a Dragon: Unlimited Riches, but only one that doesn’t rely on luck. If you want a sure way to get it, it’s time to do some charity work and clean up the beach by collecting as much trash as possible. If you take this trash to the recycling center on the beach, the kind lady will exchange the trash for points that you can spend on various items. He happened to sell a pair of Squid Tentacles, but only two. Each one also costs 1,000 points, meaning you’ll have to pick up quite a bit of trash to buy them.

If you want to get your hands dirty in a different way, your other option is to try your luck running a maze. There’s a chance a Squid Tentacle will drop here, but it’s completely random, so it’s probably not worth your time unless you’ve already bought the two above and still need more.

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