Nikki Haley was the target of a ‘Swatting’ incident in December, authorities say

A false report of a shooting at a South Carolina home owned by Nikki Haley caused trouble for authorities in late December, but the Republican presidential candidate and former governor of the state was not there at the time, It was reported by Reuters on Saturday.

The news service has released details of a December 30 ‘swatting’ incident at Ms Haley’s home on Kiawah Island, SC, which was intended to draw a well-armed police response. Reuters obtained the information as part of a public records request, which included an email from Craig Harris, the city’s director of public safety, discussing the incident with local officials.

The email said an unknown person called 911 and “claimed to have shot his girlfriend and threatened to hurt herself while at Nikki Haley’s residence.” The case remains under investigation, according to the email, which did not discuss the motive for the call.

It took nearly a month for details of the incident to emerge, a stark contrast to a series of high-profile “assassination” attempts targeting politicians and government buildings in late December and early January.

Haley’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment Saturday. When approached by Reuters, the campaign refused to address the report.

Ms. Haley, who served as ambassador to the United Nations in the administration of former President Donald J. Trump, is the latest serious contender to challenge him for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. She lost to Mr. Trump in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary by 11 percentage points, and they have increasingly clashed over her decision to stay in the race.

A copy of the public safety director’s email was not immediately made available by officials on Kiawah Island, an affluent gated enclave south of Charleston, SC, known for its beaches and golf courses. in 2019 Post and Courier have announced that Ms. Haley bought a $2.4 million house on the island.

Mr. Harris, the director of public safety, did not respond to a request for information Saturday.

The day before Ms. Haley was targeted, a man called 911 to say he had broken into the home of Shenne Bellows, the Maine secretary of state and a Democrat. As the state’s top election official, she just disqualified Mr. Trump from the Maine primary because of his actions during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

According to Maine State Police, no one was inside her home when officers arrived.

Less than a week later, the state capitals are coming Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and Montana were evacuated or placed in isolation after receiving bomb threats that authorities later described as false and non-specific.

The episodes added to the climate of intimidation and harassment of public officials, including those overseeing ballot access and voting. As of 2020, election officials face growing threats exacerbated by widespread election fraud conspiracy theories.

Other prominent Republicans were also busted around the same time, including Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Sen. Rick Scott of Florida.

Ms. Greene, a right-wing provocateur and Trump ally, was at home on Christmas morning when a man in New York called a Georgia suicide hotline claiming he had just shot his girlfriend at Ms. Greene’s residence and was preparing to kill himself. The Associated Press reported.

Two days later, 27.12. it was Mr. Scott’s turn.

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