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Key findings

  • The Honda Rebel 1100 offers an expensive engine at an affordable price, making it a great choice for cruiser enthusiasts. Both manual and DCT versions are available.
  • The Honda Rebel 1100 has a low seat height that makes it ideal for beginners, women and shorter riders. It offers an exciting ride with easy handling and minimal vibration.
  • The Rebel 1100 is equipped with Honda’s DCT system, which provides smooth automatic gear changes. Drivers can also enjoy manual mode for better control and a thrilling driving experience. The bike has proven its reliability over the past three years on the market.

Honda brought back its Rebel 1100 neo-bobber cruiser for 2024, and as before, it exists in the same two avatars, with and without DCT. Of course, ask any intrepid motorcyclist and they’ll probably opt for the manual version, but there are plenty who love this cruiser’s automatic transmission ever since Honda brought it to the Rebel after the successful DCT installation in the Africa Twin, and HotCars favorite cruiser, Honda Gold Wing.

Again, the Rebel 1100 has just about every feature in the book, from rock-solid reliability to ample engine power, and last but not least, great comfort and value. So that’s why 2024 is a great year for the Honda Rebel 1100, given that it’s been around since 2021 in its biggest engine iteration.

All specifications and technical information about Honda Rebel 1100 comes from Honda official website. We have also taken into account various reputable sites and forums to confirm the reliability of the Honda Rebel.


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The Honda Rebel 1100T is equipped with an expensive engine at an affordable price

While the Honda Rebel 1100T can be yours with a starting price of $10,699 for the manual transmission model and up to $11,349 for the DCT trim, it is powered by an engine from the more expensive model. Underpinning the Rebel 1100 is the same 1,083cc liquid-cooled parallel engine taken from 2025’s legendary Africa Twin adventure. The 2022 Africa Twin is more expensive with a starting price of $14,499, so the Rebel 1100 with the same heart at a lower price makes it a great choice as a cruiser.

Of course, Honda has tuned this same engine for easier handling in a cruiser with a smoother and wider range of power and torque for an exciting and relaxed ride. Of course, the available automatic DCT adds even more chill to the ride.

The layout also works in favor of the 2024 Honda Rebel 1100 cruiser, where the heaviest part of the engine is located in the rear, providing a better center of mass and a more stable lower center of gravity. For better controllability, the single overhead camshaft design lowers the engine’s cylinder head, helping the engine stay compact. The Honda Rebel 1100 also boasts a dry sump lubrication system where the oil tank is located inside the crankcase for improved handling. All of these features also allow the 2024 Honda Rebel 1100 to have a deep lean angle for aggressive cornering despite the low seat height that comes naturally to most cruisers.

2024 Honda Rebel 1100 Engine Specifications


1084 cubic meters cm, SOHC, liquid-cooled parallel twin; 4 valves/cyl.


86 hp

A turning point

72 lb-ft

Diameter x Stroke

92.0mm x 81.5mm

Compression ratio


Transmission/main gear



Wet slippers with multiple plates (or DCT)

(All specs came from Honda UK website)


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Thanks to the low seat height, the Honda Rebel 1100 is ideal for beginners

With a low seat height of 27.5 inches and a relatively compact bag size, the Honda Rebel 1100 is ideal for beginners, women and shorter people. The squat-style seats allow drivers to easily put both feet on the ground during stops or parking maneuvers, adding to the ease of driving and handling.

You can also buy the Honda Rebel 1100 or 1100T, which come with hard saddlebags, a fairing and a windshield. Then there’s the choice of whether or not to get a DCT, if you want your bike to be smart enough to shift gears or want to do it yourself.

Despite the lower power and easier handling, the ride is still exciting enough for die-hard motorcyclists, given the irregular 270-degree crankshaft design interval that helps get the heart rate up at idle. Hardly a noticeable vibration, otherwise the engine has a ton of character. It has plenty of torque and enough power at high speeds to make for an exciting ride, but one that allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

2024 Honda Rebel 1100 Specifications


Steel grid

Front suspension

43 mm fork, adjustable spring preload; 5.5 inches / 4.8 inches

Rear suspension

Dual Showa shock absorbers, adjustable spring preload; 3.7 inches

Front brake

Radially mounted 4-piston caliper, 330 mm floating disc with ABS

Rear brakes

1-piston caliper, 256 mm disc with ABS

Wheels, front/rear

Cast aluminum; 18 x 3.5 inches /16 x 5.0 inches

Tires, front/rear

130/70-18 / 180/65-16


28.0°/4.3 inches

wheel base

59.8 inches

Seat height

27.6 inches

Fuel capacity

3.6 gal.

Fuel system

PGM-FI, ride-by-wire

Declared wet weight

514 lbs / 547 lbs (1100T DCT)

(All specs provided Official Honda website)


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Honda’s DCT makes the Rebel 1100 even more desirable

While many motorcyclists like to have the machine under their control and shift gears accordingly, others prefer to let the machine do the heavy lifting and enjoy hours of uninterrupted riding. That’s why the Rebel 1100 is perfect for both groups. You can get the Rebel 1100 and 1100T with or without a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This is a Honda exclusive that was first seen on the 2010 VFR1200F Sport Tourer. Honda later awarded the DCT with the Africa Twin adventure platform, the Talon sport side-by-side, and the Gold Wing touring flagship.

The DCT in the Honda Rebel 1100 engages several gears simultaneously, preparing for the next shift. The ECU processes the data using an advanced algorithm that determines when the gearshift control motor should hydraulically initiate the gearshift. For smooth gear shifting, one clutch is disengaged and the other engaged.

However, the DCT also gives the driver the luxury of a manual mode, with fingertip gearshifts and buttons on the left-hand paddle shifter. It also allows the rider to force manual transmissions into automatic mode, making for the coolest motorcycle ever.


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Three years on the market prove the reliability of the Honda Rebel 1100

2024 Honda Rebel 1100 Cruiser motorcycle

Introduced in 2021 in the 1100 iteration, the Honda Rebel is a simple, low-maintenance machine. It comes with a one-year, unlimited-mileage, transferable, extendable limited warranty.

Given that the Rebel 1100 is an affordable bike based on an expensive engine, Honda doesn’t give it too many electronics, but that only adds to its simple and affordable price. It’s absolute value for money, enough power to keep you happy and looks to match.

It manages to almost eclipse the Ducati Diavel V4 doubting Rebel and easily handle the Triumph Bonneville Bobber and Indian Scout. For more on the competition, check out our list of the coolest beavers to buy in 2024.

Next, according to NHTSA, was just one complaint of non-conforming RTV sealants and one recall associated with an insufficiently sealed radiator cap in 2021. The Honda Rebel 1100 is here to stay and can stay in your garage for a long time too.

Sources: Honda, NHTSA

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