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Key findings

  • Dodge has discontinued the Challenger and Charger muscle cars as it prepares for an electric future when the Charger becomes the first all-electric muscle car in 2025.
  • The Hennessey company created an exceptional Dodge Demon 170 with a capacity of 1700 hp. in limited quantities, ensuring that the Dodge muscle car finale will be a true monster.
  • Hennessey has launched a new division, Hennessey Special Operations (HSO), and the Demon 170 is the first car in the range, demonstrating Hennessey’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance.

Dodge said goodbye to Challenger and Charger muscle cars, as production has come to an end. Now the legendary manufacturer is preparing for an electric future, when the 2025 Charger will become the first all-electric muscle car.

Legendary tuners Hennessey, however, are not quite ready to let the Challenger die. So now they’ve created an exceptional 1700hp Dodge Demon 170 available in very limited numbers. This ensures that the final act of Dodge muscle cars is nothing short of a monster.

The announcement also coincides with the opening of Hennessey’s new Special Operations (HSO) division. As CEO John Hennessy explains in a YouTube videothis is where Hennessey takes things to new extremes.

Demon 170 with a capacity of 1700 hp. is the first car in this completely new line. The stock Demon 170 was the last challenge to the Dodge Challenger, and it already had over 1,000 hp. But that wasn’t enough for Hennessey, and their latest Hennessey creation is one of the most powerful vehicles to ever leave their shop.


Hennessey works its magic on the Swan Song 2024 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The collector’s edition Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, tuned by Hennessey Performance, has a power of 1000 hp. and a quarter-mile time of 9 seconds.

Hennessey debated whether they should modify the Demon 170

Hennessey begins the YouTube video by saying that the team wasn’t sure if they should modify the Demon 170. Even though the limited edition Challengers are collectible, they decided to modify them anyway because that’s what the company does best.

The full name of this new creation is the Hennessey Demon 1700 Twin-Turbo, and Mr. Hennessey confirms that the company will only produce a dozen examples. For those looking to upgrade, the entire transmission, powertrain, and driveshaft will be sourced from Dodge and shrink-wrapped. This will allow the customer to restore the car to stock condition, and Hennessey will do this due to the collectable nature of the Demon 170.

A new Hennessey transmission is installed in place of the original engine, and a new twin-turbo system replaces the original supercharger. Hennessey predicts their Demon 170 will run the 1/4 mile in 7.90 seconds at 175-180 mph.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 engine specifications



Years of production

2023 year


Supercharged Hemi V8


900-1025 hp

A turning point

810-945 lb-ft

Method of transmission

Eight-speed automatic




96,666 USD

(Source from Stellantis)

Those are big numbers, highlighting the performance gains Hennessey expects from the increase just under 700bhp. Press release of the company reports that the starting price of the cars will be $200,000, not including the cost of the donor Demon 170.

In the same press release, Hennessey notes that the new engine is more reliable to ensure that it can handle the extra power and that it can get down to earth. According to the tuners, E85 ethanol is the optimal fuel to achieve a 7.9 second lap time.

Hennessey has a lot of faith in his team, with the first vehicle to undergo the redesign being his own Demon 170. The press release also talks about the company’s new HSO division and what they plan to produce in the coming years.


The new Hennessey H850 turns the 2024 Dark Horse into a Dodge Demon-Beater

With a 70% increase in power over the Dark Horse, the H850 will outperform even the Dodge Demon, making it the most powerful muscle car in recent memory.

Hennessey hopes to produce small runs of high-performance cars

Why Hennessey is creating a special operations department

  • Hennessey Special Operations (HSO) will focus on high performance vehicles in small numbers
  • The unit will produce 15-20 cars per year
  • The Demon 1700 Twin Turbo is the first car for the HSO
  • HSO cars will be available to the most demanding Hennessey customers

Hennessey’s new HSO unit is similar to McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO) unit. Hennessey says the division will produce ultra-exclusive, ultra-high-performance and powerful cars for its most discerning customers.

The goal is to only produce 15-20 cars per year, hence why only 12 Demon 170s are on the way. Another reason for this new division is the increased demand for Hennessey cars. The company says it has delivered more than 1,100 worldwide since 2022. This forced the company to radically change its production process.

John Hennessy himself said that the demand for their powerful cars was so strong that the company had to change its path. This was due to the transition from a high-volume tuning company to a factory with assembly lines.

It also included improved logistics to be able to deliver more than 500 cars a year. This, however, meant that the company had to divert resources away from the large tuning production that has allowed Hennessey to make its mark over the past three decades. The HSO division should be able to fix this and allow Hennessey to build these powerful vehicles.


Why the Dodge Challenger Demon 170 is the definition of an American muscle car

The new Dodge Challenger Demon 170 is not only the fastest muscle car, but also the best one ever

Hennessey became a hypercar manufacturer with the Venom F5

black Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution Roadster quarter top
Via: Hennessey Special Vehicles

Features of the Hennessey Venom F5 engine



Years of production



Twin turbocharged V8


6.6 liter


1817 hp

A turning point

1193 lb-ft



(Received from Hennessey Special Vehicles)

In recent years, Hennessey has also become a hypercar manufacturer. The Venom F5 is the culmination of this work, and it also spawned several other versions of the hypercar. The latest is the Venom F5 Revolution, a track-oriented version of the open-air hypercar that costs more than $3 million. According to official figures, the 6.6-liter twin-turbo Fury V8 engine delivers 1,817 hp. and 1,193 lb-ft of torque for the Venom Revolution. The handling and weight improvements of the F5 Revolution improved its track performance compared to the standard Venom and Roadster.


See what it took for Dodge to release their latest Demon 170 Muscle Car

With 2023 being the final production year for the Challenger and Charger, let’s find out how much they put into the Demon 170 demo.

Dodge presented the 2025 Charger in pre-production form

2025 Dodge Charger Front view
via Dodge X (formerly Twitter)

Specifications of Dodge Hurricane Crate engines

Long block

Power (hp)

Torque (lb-ft)


HurriCrate Cat 3 Twin Turbo Crate Long Unit




HurriCrate Cat 1 Twin Turbo Crate Long Block




(Received from Stellantis)

While Dodge hasn’t revealed the final production model, it did show us the 2025 Charger in its pre-production form. Images shared by X, formerly Twitter, showed a car that looked very close to the 2022 Charger Daytona SRT concept. The clean panel and light strip, as well as the absence of a grille, suggest that this is an all-electric muscle car. As for the internal combustion engine, the Hurricane’s inline-six could make its way into the 2025 Charger. But for now, it appears that the Demon 170 is the last Dodge muscle car to have a V8 under the hood.

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