Zoom introduces immersive apps for Apple’s Vision Pro headset

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Zoom just launched a video conferencing app designed specifically for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which launched this Friday.

The goal of the app is to “seamlessly blend video conferencing with the user’s physical space,” Zoom said on Monday, “blurring the boundaries of in-person and remote meetings with the seamless canvas in Apple Vision Pro, helping distributed teams feel more connected and included.”

But what does it really mean? For example, the new Zoom app for Vision Pro will let you deploy a “persona,” an authentic spatial representation — or digital avatar — of yourself so that others in a virtual meeting can see your facial and hand movements and not be left staring at a face-obscuring headset.

Available in the Vision Pro App Store, the new Zoom app also lets you enjoy an immersive experience that can be scaled to the ideal size, which Zoom says is perfect for those who want to “feel like they are in the same room. as their colleagues and customers, without the need for additional equipment or physical setup.”

Coming in the spring are three additional and quite nifty features. This includes, for example, real-world embedding, where Vision Pro wearers will be able to pin up to five Zoom meeting participants anywhere in their physical space, as well as the ability to remove the background of embedded participants.

Additionally, 3D object sharing promises that the file sharing experience “will come to life when viewing objects in the context of an environment. For example, an animator or game designer can collaborate and share the latest character models through Zoom’s 3D object sharing capabilities.”

Commenting on the new app, Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom, said that the software will help teammates “stay connected whenever and wherever they work, or how they communicate and collaborate.” Hashim added: “Zoom’s integration of Apple Vision Pro and visionOS expands our platform’s promise to enable participants to have the best meeting experience from anywhere and delivers on our commitment to seamless collaboration and communication.”

It’s great to see Zoom taking the time to create an app designed specifically for the Vision Pro, especially when many major platforms have so far refused to do so. YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify, for example, have all said they currently have no plans to create dedicated apps for the Vision Pro, or even convert existing iPad and iPhone apps for the device.

Here are some notable Vision Pro apps that we know are in the works.

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