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Skylight Cal Max is a 27-inch smart calendar that might replace your smart display

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Skylight, the company responsible for a variety of popular smart frames, is set to launch Cal Max — a smart calendar that is a simplified version of a traditional smart display. You won’t be watching Netflix on the big 27-inch screen or fiddling with dozens of different apps, as this is aimed at giving families an efficient way to access their calendars, tasks, meal planning, and photo albums without any clutter. found in traditional smart displays.

Cal Max is designed to help organize your home without causing unwanted distractions. You won’t find a ton of supported apps (like you usually see on smart displays). Instead, you can seamlessly sync data from Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, Cozi, and Yahoo, so family members can automatically enter all their activities into Cal Max for easy planning. It also functions as a smart frame, allowing you to view photos sent by your family members.

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Its sizable 27-inch touchscreen is a big selling point, as it makes it easy to see what’s available for the day without having to rush across the kitchen and look at the tiny 8-inch screen. This unit can be placed on a table, although it comes with a mounting bracket so you can mount it on a wall — and since the screen is so large, this might be a better choice.

You’ll find a variety of kid-friendly features in Cal Max, such as a color-coding system and the use of emojis to celebrate completed tasks.

The Cal Max sounds like a great choice for families looking for a minimalist, distraction-free alternative to traditional smart displays, although it does have some significant drawbacks. First, it doesn’t support Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so it won’t serve as a central hub for your other smart devices. The large size could also be an issue for apartment dwellers, as finding real estate for a 27-inch screen can be a hassle.

But if you’re not worried about space and want a smart calendar that simplifies your life, the Cal Max is worth a closer look. Skylight has officially opened preorder for the Cal Max, with the device costing $600. Units will begin shipping this spring.

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