All Legendary Schematics in Palworld and where to find them

Although it features all the different Pal types in it World Pal very heavy, this is actually not the most effective way to fight. Of course, they’ll help you out, and a Legendary can definitely do their best in combat, but you’ll mostly be relying on your own characters to do the job. This is what makes crafting new weapons and armor so important. Most you can access simply by leveling up and getting the necessary materials to craft them, but the best of the best can only be crafted after finding the schematics. If you just want top tier equipment World Pal, then you will hunt for Legendary Schematics. This will give you access to a variety of unobtainable weapons and armor that can make you invincible. Here’s how you can get this blueprint for yourself World Pal.

All Legendary Schemes

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There were only nine Legendary Schemes in it World Pal, with six dedicated to weapons and the remaining three to armor. Each is a drop from a specific Alpha Pal in the open world. Note that you are not guaranteed to get a Legendary Scheme drop. This is rare, maybe under 10%, so you will almost certainly have to repeat this battle to get the schematic. Here is a list of your targets and where to find them.

Legendary Crossbow Schematic

The crossbow upgrade increases your attack to 490 and can be upgraded by defeating Bushi level 23. It is located at coordinates 1116, 491.

Legendary Gun Schematics

The Legendary Gun completely revamps the nearly useless base model by increasing its attack to 625. Obtain it by defeating level 29 Beakon in coordinates 345, -253.

Assault Rifle Legendary Schematic

Who doesn’t love an Assault Rifle? Making it deal 560 damage after dropping a waiting level 49 Blazmut coordinates 434, 532.

Old Bow Legendary Schematic

If you want a bow that hits enemies with 247 arrow damage, you need to beat Kingpaca in coordinates 50, -460.

Legendary Pump Action Rifle Schematic

If you’re a fan of CQC, the shotgun schematic will increase your damage to 385. Suzaku will hold his own and is a level 45 Pal found in coordinates 404, 255.

Rocket Launcher Legendary Schematic

Look, sometimes you just need a problem solver. The Rocket Launcher that deals 14,000 damage is unassailable in that regard. You should face a level 50 Jetragon in coordinates 788, 320.

Cloth Armor Legendary Schematic

Not at the same level as the following two schemes, this scheme is very good for the mid game with 112 HP, 24 Defense, and 250 Durability. You just need to beat Chillete level 11 coordinates 175, -420.

Metal Pal Helmet Legendary Schematic

This shiny new helmet offers 560 HP, 1,200 Durability, and 240 Defense. Take it early to make the other schemes easier, but you should tackle the level 50 Frostallion at coordinates -355, 55.

Legendary Pal Metal Armor Scheme Heat and Cold Resistant

Both the Heat and Cold Resistant Legendary Pal Metal Armor drop from the same target. Both have the same stats and provide 1,200 HP, 11,000 Durability, and 400 Defense. And, of course, they are resistant to hot and cold weather respectively. You need to defeat the level 50 Paladius in the north coordinates 445, 680.

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