Tesla video shows off Cybertruck Basecamp tent kit

Camping with Basecamp Cybertruck

After a long wait, Tesla finally delivered the Cybertruck pickup to its first customers at the end of last November.

Since then, the Elon Musk-led automaker has occasionally put out videos praising the funky-looking electric vehicle in a bid to boost order books.

The latest released shows off the Basecamp Cybertruck tent kit, which for $2,975 gets you a striking, angular design that’s intentionally based on a pickup.

The video begins with the Cybertruck driving across a dramatic landscape that looks very similar to parts of Iceland. Once parked in a secluded spot, a family gets out of the vehicle to set up a Basecamp tent, although only personal experience will reveal whether it’s really as easy as it looks here (Tesla says it can be inflated “in minutes” and requires no structural poles) .

After a riverside picnic and fishing, the family climbed into the back of the pickup, protected by a tent, and spent the night. Note: Two adults and one small child is likely the absolute maximum number of people you can accommodate here.

The next day, the family drives to a condominium for a more comfortable stay, with mother and daughter seen stargazing from the comfort of a tent.

Families here are lucky with the weather, but if the weather turns bad, you can use a weather-resistant outer shell with an extendable awning for added protection.

The Cybertuck is Tesla’s first pickup and starts at $60,990, about $20,ooo more than the initial price estimate shared by Musk. Months before the first deliveries took place in November, reports indicated that Cybertruck pre-orders had reached 1.9 million. Initial pre-orders can be made by giving Tesla a refundable deposit of $100, although this has recently been increased to $250.

With more and more electric pickups coming onto the market, and the wider electric vehicle sector becoming increasingly competitive, Tesla desperately needs the Cybertruck to be successful. However, since mass production of the new pickup is not expected until 2025, it will likely be a long time before its true level of popularity can be realistically determined.

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