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The Vision Pro headset proved problematic for a top Apple tipster

Apple’s Vision Pro headset reached its first customers on February 2. Apple

Apple’s new Vision Pro mixed reality headset appears to be the most problematic first-generation device the tech giant has ever launched.

That’s the opinion of Mark Gurman, Bloomberg reporter and reliable Apple tipster, who in recent years has provided many reliable leaks about the development of the Vision Pro.

Gurman picked up his Vision Pro on the device’s launch day Friday, and he’s been sticking with it ever since.

Writing on social media on Sunday, Gurman said: “The Vision Pro software makes this the most problematic first-generation Apple product I’ve ever used. Some things don’t work well or consistently.”

While he didn’t provide any examples, he added that as a result, “software updates should occur more quickly and frequently than in previous products. And when they do, I’m sure it will be great.”

In the another post, Gurman compared the Vision Pro to other Apple devices, pointing out that Apple’s first smartphone ran much smoother when it launched. “As far as I remember, the iPhone had no problems; It’s just a lot missing. The watch is problematic, but not too problematic; the hardware is lagging behind. The Vision Pro does a lot and its hardware is much more advanced. That’s not a bad start.”

In the latest version Newsletter Turn on shared on Sunday, the Bloomberg reporter also spoke about his experience on Friday when he went to an Apple Store to pick up his new Vision Pro headset, noting how the procedure was actually quite complicated as it included an in-depth demonstration of the device, as well as a fitting session for comfort and also for ensure that the correct sized lamp seal is added.

In fact, Gurman considers the process of selecting the ideal light seal to be the most difficult part of setting it up. Light seeped from the bottom during the demonstration, he said, and he ended up buying a second seal so he could try both at home (he had already returned one seal but said he could still exchange it).

The new Vision Pro owner also said that while other reviewers praised its video quality, it was “hard not to be disappointed” when he saw it for himself, while also adding that he was pleasantly surprised to find that the device didn’t work. His head didn’t feel as heavy as he expected.

He added that the initial belief was that Apple’s Vision Pro headset would be “the best movie-watching gadget, a great video conferencing machine, and a laptop alternative for light computing on the go.”

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