Apple’s mythical foldable iPhone may soon become a reality

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It looks like Apple has finally shifted its foldable iPhone project to the next level. “Apple is prototyping at least two iPhones that can fold wide like a clamshell,” according to a report by Information which cited unnamed internal sources.

But before you get your hopes up, keep in mind that a new clamshell-style folding iPhone will arrive in 2025 based on the earliest data. estimation. Meanwhile, three other insiders admitted to the publication that there are a few hurdles in terms of price and appeal to potential buyers.

Apparently, the foldable iPhone will have a higher price tag, and, in the storyline, Apple is still at a loss trying to figure out what magical feature might possibly convince consumers to open their wallets for this pricey new product.

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Maybe a foldable iPhone with two different screen halves will finally convince Apple to allow split-screen multitasking. But it’s a project still in development, which means it could suffer the same fate as the unreleased AirPower charging mat. Insider sources also hinted that Apple might abandon the entire effort if it fails to meet its sky-high quality standards.

The report suggests that Apple’s industrial design team is aiming for stardom, envisioning a device so slim it makes the current iPhone look almost chunky by comparison. They dreamed of a gadget that, even when folded, didn’t feel like carrying a brick. They’re reportedly toying with the idea of ​​an outward-facing screen for easy peeking without the hassle of opening the device.

However, the everyday reality of annoying components like batteries and screens has weakened these great designs. On the plus side, Apple has reportedly approached at least one supply chain partner to source components for its foldable iPhone project.

Foldable iPhone concept from iOS Beta News.
iOS Beta News

Apple is apparently working to address the infamous folding screen crease, wanting a smooth display that doesn’t crease after a slight bend. Apple is aiming for a perfectly flat surface where users can scribble with the Apple Pencil without having to wade through the small valley in the middle of the screen.

Achieving crease-free folding screen nirvana is no easy task. It took Samsung several product generations before it could find a balance between durability and flexibility for its foldable inner panel thanks to ultra-thin glass (UTG) technology. Instead of plastic, this solution is coated with a very thin layer of flexible glass and can now be found inside devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

In 2021, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that a foldable iPhone might have a screen around 8 inches, but that doesn’t seem very palm-friendly for a clamshell-style foldable device. Kuo also predicted that foldable devices would arrive in 2023, but that didn’t happen, of course.

Using a foldable iPhone.
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Show supply chain analysis companies DSCC also estimates that a foldable iPhone will arrive in 2023 or 2024, but that claim also doesn’t appear to be true at this time. Interestingly, stylus support could be part of the package. However, if your imagination is satisfied by rumors and you’re dying to see a foldable iPhone, the folks at Tech Aesthetics created a pretty tempting folding iPhone concept with a flexible OLED panel.

But keep in mind that this is an insider’s report discussing a project currently in development, which means the goals could be shifted to a looser roadmap or the project could even be canceled entirely in the coming months. It’s an exciting step towards a foldable iPhone future, but we’re not quite there yet.

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