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Key findings

  • Clarkson, Hammond and May will embark on their next adventure in the Sahara desert, retracing the route of the Paris-Dakar Rally in heavily modified budget Dakar racing cars.
  • The trio will face challenges such as rocky terrain and river crossings and build their own rafts for their sports cars.
  • This could be one of the last Grand Tour specials as Clarkson has confirmed the show is coming to an end, but there are potential plans for a new incarnation of the show in the future.

If the rumors are true, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammondand James May prepare for their latest adventure in The Grand Tour. In the latest special event, Euro Crash, the trio traveled through the former Eastern Bloc of Europe in three of the most unusual cars. Now, their next adventure is about to land on Amazon Prime. This time they change the roads of Europe to the sands of the Sahara desert and return along the route of the legendary Paris-Dakar rally.

Amazon recently released the full trailer for the special on The Grand Tour YouTube channel. The trailer seems to show the usual antics the three are known for. We also see the three machines they will be using; cheap sports cars from Aston Martin, Jaguar and Maserati, which are heavily modified into budget Dakar racing cars. The special is called “Sandwork” and will be released on Prime Video on February 16. The Grand Tour says it’s their “hottest challenge.”


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Cheap sports cars are the vehicles of choice

Grand Tour Highlights: Sand Work Trailer

  • Clarkson, Hammond and May will cross the Sahara desert in three cheap sports cars
  • Trinity repeats the route of the Paris-Dakar rally
  • A minefield and rough terrain create certain difficulties
  • The three will also create custom rafts for their sports cars

We don’t get confirmation of the exact vehicles from the trailer, but we do know that the trio were aiming for cheap sports cars. The trailer also reveals that it’s a Jaguar, a Maserati and an Aston Martin and that the presenters have heavily modified the cars. It’s very much in the tradition of their road trips, with their Top Gear days known for some modified action. Crossing the desert is no unknown challenge for these three either, having done it in buggies and small sports cars on Top Gear.

The latest was for the Christmas edition of Top Gear, in which the presenters used a Fiat Barchetta, Mazda MX-5 and BMW Z3 to cross the Syrian desert. This was only for part of their journey, however, this crossing of the Sahara desert was almost their entire journey. The trailer shows several city scenes as Hammond struggles to stop people crashing into his Aston Martin. As is typical of their adventures, we get to see some dramatic scenery and backdrops such as towering dunes and sandy beaches.

The trailer shows some of the challenges the three have to face, which in addition to the dunes include rocky and rough terrain that will push the machines to their limits. A river crossing is also part of the show and it looks like the trio will be building their rafts to try and overcome this obstacle. Then again, it’s something the three have done before when they built a custom raft in the Top Gear Africa special. This raft was a success so hopefully no cars end up at the bottom of the river in this one.


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There’s a surprise in the new Grand Tour special edition

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Speaking to Ahead of the launch of the special, Hammond suggests there’s a surprise in store during the adventure. The trailer shows three attempts to avoid driving into a minefield, while Mauritania is on the British government’s travel red list. While the minefield itself is a surprise, Hammond says there was something else that made it even scarier. He said: “It was a surprise to arrive in a minefield because it (Mauritania) is still on the red list in terms of travel and the last thing you want in or near a minefield is a surprise.”

The familiar pranks these three have been involved in over the years are also making a return. In the same interview, Hammond says there was a lot of banter going on and went on to make the special focus on the friendship between the trio.

He said the special was “almost The Grand Tour unplugged, so we shot it straight away and we focused on the relationship between the three of us, the fights and the breakups, and we just laughed.” Hammond also said the special was about capturing “the majesty and splendor of traveling the world” while still doing the silly things they’re all known for.


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This is one of the last special offers of the grand tour

The Grand Tour Sand Job Jaguar drifts in the sand
via The Grand Tour YouTube channel

It looks like this is the beginning of the end for the trio and The Grand Tour. After the Euro Crash special edition, two more were produced during 2023. It was this one in Mauritania and the upcoming adventure in Zimbabwe. But in January 2024, Clarkson confirmed to The Times that The Grand Tour was ending, saying he was “old, fat and unfit”. In early 2023, on the Fueling Around podcast, May said the end was on the horizon, but suggested there would be another special moment after these two to wrap things up.


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The Grand Tour may still have a future

The Grand Tour Eurocrash Full Car Lineup-3
through the Amazon Prime account on Instagram

However, this may not be the end of the three together on our screens. The BBC recently reported that options were being explored for a new incarnation of the show. This may even include replacing the trio. But perhaps it could encourage them to have less onerous adventures and potentially stay in the UK. Fans will be happy to know that these three will remain on our screens.

Clarkson will continue to produce new series Clarkson Farm with his huge Lamborghini tractor, while May will continue to host her travel and cooking shows. Hammond also hosts a Discovery+ workshop and appears regularly on Drivetribe’s YouTube channel. But for now, we can enjoy them all together in even greater adventures. The Grand Tour: Sand Job launches on Amazon Prime Video on February 16, and we can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

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