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Key findings

  • The 2024 Indian Sport Chief is powered by a powerful Thunderstroke 116 engine that offers impressive torque and smooth acceleration to rival other top V-Twin competitors.
  • The Sport Chief has undergone significant design and dynamic changes over the standard Chief model, resulting in improved stability, steering adjustment and adjustable windshield options.
  • Despite its heavy weight, the Sport Chief handles exceptionally well, thanks to confident braking capabilities, sporty wheels and tires, and a driver-friendly and technologically advanced cabin.

In 2023 Indian motorcycle has added a brand new member to its core lineup, Sport Chief. Conceived as a performance cruiser with a sporty attitude, the Sport Chief is still a newborn. Announced in February 2023, the Sport Chief hit dealerships in early March, and now a 2024 variant is also on the way.

Of course, the Chief nameplate is all new, having been brought back to life on the Polaris-owned Indian motorcycle for 2021. It fills the gap between the smaller Scout and larger models like the Chieftain, firmly positioning Indian in the market. cruiser map The Sport Chief (and the entire Chief lineup) is stylish, powerful, and easy to customize to take on the cruiserweight market, toughening up the competition with Harley-Davidson.

Here are all the reasons why the Indian Sport Chief makes a powerful cruiser…

All information and specifications provided by Indian Motorcycle. We also looked at various consumer reviews on forums and reputable sites.


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The 2024 Indian Sports Leader rides on the proven Thunderstroke 116 engine

The Sport Chief is much more than a Chief, as it thumps to the beat of the Thunderstroke 116 cubic inch air-cooled V-Twin engine shared with the Chief Dark Horse. While the 2023 model boasts a whopping 120 lb-ft of torque, the 2024 sees a slight increase to 122 lb-ft, with peak torque reaching 2,900 rpm.

Those numbers more than match other V-Twin competitors like Ducati, KTM and even Harley-Davidson. In addition, the Sport Chief engine adds refinement and smoothness that makes it easy to drive. It shifts and accelerates smoothly, making itself at home on the highway or city roads and always allowing you to have the best of the motorcycle.

It’s also a forgiving engine and bike in general. The powerful Brembo brakes kick in if you’re going too fast without jostling. In addition, too much acceleration in gear will not cause the engine to lag, although it may express its displeasure by growling. The soft suspension also makes it easy to get in and out of parking spaces.

The front suspension, first seen on the Indian Challenger, features KYB inverted forks and the rear a pair of Fox shocks. While the front end has the same 5 inches of travel as the Challenger, the rear end has increased to four inches, protecting the rider from road bumps and helping the bike feel much sportier with a better lean angle.

2024 Indian Sport Chief Engine, Performance and Suspension Specs


Thunderstroke 116 with air cooling


116 cubic meters inches (1890 cc)

Maximum torque

122 lb-ft

Diameter x Stroke

4.063 in x 4.449 in (103.2 mm x 113 mm)

Compression ratio


Method of transmission


Front suspension

KYB 43mm Inverted Telescopic Fork with 5.1″ (130mm) of Front Travel

Rear suspension

Dual Fox® Piggyback shocks with 4.0″ (100mm) of rear travel.

(All specs provided Indian motorcycle)


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The head of Indian sports is much more than the head-de-faire

On the other hand, the Sport Chief isn’t just a repurposed Chief. Indian put a lot of thought into changing the dynamics of the Sport Chief to create a proper performance cruiser that goes beyond just looks. It boasts new geometry with less camber and trail and a longer wheelbase comparable to the Chief Dark Horse. While the longer length can hinder cornering, it adds more stability to the Sport Chief.

Also, unlike the Chief, the Indian Sport Chief comes standard with six-inch handlebar risers, although buyers can also upgrade to a ten-inch option. Increased rear ground clearance and height-adjustable windshield. Unlike the 2023’s four colors, the 2024 Indian Sport is available in five shades starting at $19,999 for Black Smoke. Prices for Ghost White Metallic Smoke, Granite Gray and Sunset Red Smoke start at $20,499, while the final option, Smoky Quartz Metallic Pearl (Icon), tops out at $20,999.

If you compare the Indian Sport Chief to the iconic and lauded Chieftain Dark Horse, which also boasts the same Thunderstroke 116 engine, you will see a significant difference in almost everything. The Chieftain has a lower seat, more travel in the rear but less in the front, and a much higher price tag considering it’s a touring car.

Indian Sport Chief Dimension 2024 Specifications

Fuel capacity

4.0 gallons (15.1 L)

Road clearance

149 mm (5.9 in)

Angle of inclination


Total height

50 inches (1270 mm)

Total length

2301 mm (90.6 in)

Overall width

33.1 inches (842 mm)


28° / 4.4 inches (111 mm)

Seat height

27.0 in (686 mm)

Weight (as delivered/ordered)

665 lb (302 kg) / 685 lb (311 kg)

wheel base

1640 mm (64.6 in)

(All specs provided Indian motorcycle)


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Despite being a heavyweight, the sports executive exudes confidence

2024 Indian Sport Chief cruiser motorcycle
Indian motorcycle

Because most cruisers are pigs, even with tons of performance, the Indian Sport Chief also tops the scale at 685 pounds despite its sporty pretensions. It handles much better than its rated weight and you don’t feel the pounds on the highway. To make sure you feel the sporty connection, Indian has added some cooler brakes and polished the wheels and tires for a sportier purpose.

Radially mounted four-piston Brembo calipers are enough to bring your sporty ride to a halt without feeling the force. To make the Sport Chief a truly sporty ride, it comes with a better selection of wheels, with the rears being thicker than the fronts for better grip and cornering. Pirelli tires are installed on the wheels, which grip the road equally well.

2024 Indian Sport Chief brake, tire and wheel specs

Front brakes

Dual Brembo / 320mm semi-floating rotor / 4 piston caliper

Rear brakes

Single / 300 mm semi-floating rotor / 2 piston caliper

Front tires

Pirelli® Night Dragon 130/60B19 61H

Front wheel

Sport Cast Black 19 x 3.5 inches

Rear tires

Pirelli® Night Dragon 180/65 B16 81H

Rear wheel

Sport Cast Black 16 x 5 inches

(All specs provided Indian motorcycle)


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The Indian sports chief is a crowd pleaser with a much more aggressive approach

2024 Indian Sport Chief cruiser motorcycle
Indian motorcycle

Unlike the Chief’s relaxed ride, the 2024 Indian Sport Chief has a much more focused driving position. The floorboards have been replaced with footboards located in the middle, giving riders much better control over the bike. Although the rider’s triangle is more aggressive, it is also comfortable and hardly puts any strain on the rider, despite the knees being bent at almost 90°. There’s enough technology to keep you happy, including a 4-inch touchscreen with RIDE COMMAND technology, which only gets better over the years.


  • The 2024 Indian Sport Chief is great for a heavy duty cruiser.
  • The ride remains comfortable thanks to the high torque that captivates.
  • The finishes are stunning and there are enough appliances and accessories to keep most customers happy.


  • Leaning is a bit limited, so you have to be careful not to scratch the bike when cornering.
  • Dual exhausts can hurt your legs, especially if you’re trying to park the bike after a ride.

Source: Indian Motorcycle

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