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Key findings

  • The rendering of the S650 Ford Mustang Mach 1 shows a more aggressive and stylish design compared to the Dark Horse model. Its features include the Mach 1 badge, black hood bulge and side stripes.
  • We speculate that the engine that could power the Mach 1 render would be the Ford Predator, the 7.3-liter Godzilla, or a variant of the Coyote V8.
  • The previous generation S550 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is still a great buy with its improved performance and parts borrowed from the Shelby GT350/GT500. Its average auction value is on par with the new Dark Horse.

Current Ford Mustang features many iterative updates over the last generation, from the engine bay to the chassis and even a significantly updated infotainment system. One of the biggest strengths of this generation is that it manages to hang on to the Coyote V8 without the hybrid hardware. This is the appearance of the Dark Horse model.

This track-oriented model offers a 20 hp jump. up to 500 hp in general and is perhaps the true successor to the “Mach 1” S550. Surely the return of such an iconic badge would mean another step forward in performance, dynamics, style and of course good old American horsepower?

We’re taking a look at an exclusive new rendering, courtesy of HotCars artist Timothy Edry Emmanuel for the answer It takes S650 muscle car base and applies styling from the Mach 1. This results in a ‘Stang that threatens to outshine even the Dark Horse and makes us wonder if Ford will bring back one of the most memorable Mustang icons in history.


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This S650 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is the one we’ve been waiting for

Starting in 1969, the Mach 1 name stood for performance along with comfort, while the Boss 302 and Boss 429 offered a more track-oriented package. This model was discontinued in the late ’80s, but returned in 2003 to complete the fourth-generation “New Edge” Mustang series. Mach 1, which we now remember, is, of course, the last generation model of 2021-2023.

It offered power on par with the limited-edition 480-horsepower Bullitt, GT Performance Pack 2 parts, and even more details from the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350/GT500. With all of these cars discontinued, it gives the Blue Oval room to create a new performance model in the Mustang lineup, potentially even more stylish and powerful than the new Dark Horse model.

The image above is striking, and there’s no mistaking what it is, thanks to the Mach 1 badging. The side stripes and black hood bulge are also key indicators that this is a Mach 1. The faux-light grille inserts are also back, this time with red edging , which also extends in orange to the sides, bumper, and edges of the hood decal. It’s safe to say that the rendering makes the model look more aggressive than the Dark Horse and maybe even the Shelby GT500. In the next section, we’ll break down some of the other differences to see what’s new.

Initial findings from the new Mach 1 rendering

  • The new Mach 1 successor to the S550 based on the current generation Mustang S650
  • The Mach 1 wheels are inspired by the optional 2024 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack wheels
  • Specific features of the Ford Mustang Mach 1 include the Mach 1 emblem and decals, as well as a black central hood bulge

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Choose any color, but this Mustang Mach 1 is V8 only

Above, we see the new Mach 1 in a variety of colors – the bronze gray shade looks perfect with contrasting orange and red hues. We can see that the car looks like it is based on the Mustang Dark Horse, but the custom front bumper adds to the aggression.

Now there are new integrated LED daytime running lights and integrated ducks on the sides of the front bumper. The rear wing looks like a copy of the optional spoiler on the 2021 Mach 1 “Handling Pack”. There are many new features such as new LED headlights, artificial lights on the central grille and new side skirt moldings.

It wears a new hood, which is also located further back than the intake on the Dark Horse. All this is combined into one wonderful whole Mustang, which is a bit like the current Stang, with a secret sauce. Objectively, the color scheme and highlights really make the car attractive along with the intricate wheel design. The devil is in the details.

As for the engine that could power this beast, the Dark Horse features the most powerful stock Mustang engine currently available, and it will provide a slight increase in power. The most obvious swap for a bigger punch would be the Shelby engine, but since this is a fictitious exercise, we’re also looking at Ford Godzilla’s powerful 7.3-liter unit because we can.

Engine replacement ideas for Ford Mustang Mach 1 Render

Ford Coyote V8 (4th generation)

Ford Predator V8

Ford Godzilla V8

Supercharged Godzilla V8 (fictional)


5 liter, NA V8

5.2-liter supercharged V8

7.3 liter, NA V8

7.3-liter supercharged V8


480 hp

760 hp

430 hp

800 hp

A turning point

418 lb-ft

625 lb-ft

475 lb-ft

800 lb-ft

An example of a vehicle

S650 Ford Mustang

S550 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

2024 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Rendering of the fictional Ford Mustang Mach 1

(All data provided Ford)

It’s unlikely to become available before Shelby’s Predator, but if this generation is the swan song of a naturally aspirated V8 muscle car, Ford might go the extra mile for the Mach 1. Or call it Boss or Cobra. There’s also a 5.2-liter Coyote in the Ford GT3 race cars, but that’s wishful thinking on our part.

Engine replacement ideas for rendering Mach 1. Conclusions

  • The Ford Mustang Dark Horse represents the most powerful regular production Mustang to date
  • Since it offers a small incremental increase in power compared to the GT, the Dark Horse may already be filling the gap left by the S550 Mach 1
  • Ford could go all out and supply the Mach 1 with Shelby power, but that’s unlikely given that the Shelby model needs to maintain its edge over the standard range
  • The new Mustang could use Godzilla with some forced induction in honor of the world’s favorite pony car

1:18 a.m

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The S550 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a great buy today

Ford Mustang S550 Mach 1 Front Quarter, Velocity Blue Metallic
Via: Ford

There’s a lot to love about the previous generation S550 Ford Mustang Mach 1. Released in 2021, it was the last wire of the last generation that existed alongside the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500. Before that, the Shelby GT350 has already run its course, and the S550 Mustang ‘Bullitt’ will cover a short period during 2019 and 2020.

The Bullitt boasted various mechanical upgrades, including a Shelby GT350 intake manifold. When the Mach 1 eventually arrives, it will offer the same power as the Bullitt, and will also take over the Shelby GT350/GT500 parts shelf. It’s built around the Performance Pack available to GT owners and integrated with some select Shelby components to make the Mach 1 the sharpest non-Shelby Mustang possible. At the moment, the track-oriented Mustang is the Dark Horse.

According to Classic.com (see below), a 2021 Mach 1 has an average auction price of $60,000. That’s on par with the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse before options (The Dark Horse starts at $59,485 on Ford’s website), but the value of the Mach 1 in today’s market is sure to only increase. Being a muscle car, it offered a slight increase in power over the standard S550 Mustang, but the handling and performance components certainly make for something much sharper when it counts.

Technical characteristics of the sixth generation Ford Mustang Mach 1

S550 Ford Mustang Mach 1


5-litre, 3rd generation NA ‘Coyote’ V8


470 hp

A turning point

410 lb-ft


Engine front, rear

Method of transmission

6-speed manual, 10-speed automatic

Average auction price

61,000 USD

Figures courtesy Classic.com, Ford

The Ford Mustang S550 was tuned in two similar states, with the final setup achieving the above power and torque figures.

Conclusions from the section above

  • Averages for 2021 Mach 1 are in line with the current Dark Horse
  • The Ford Mustang Mach 1 represents the pinnacle of the Coyote-powered Mustang models of this era thanks to a variety of upgrades
  • Ford isn’t likely to bring this model back anytime soon, but the S650 Mustang era is still in its infancy, so there’s time for new high-end models.

As the S650 Ford Mustang ages, there is a possibility that the Blue Oval will revive the Shelby name on a new model, but there is currently no confirmation. A powerful Shelby-badged electric car is also possible. There has been chatter about the possibility of a Mach 1, Boss or Cobra entry variant, including spy shots purporting to show one of these models in testing.

But Ford will choose carefully if and when it introduces more models to the range. He probably wants to keep a clear hierarchy between the GT, Dark Horse and Shelby models. Most importantly, Ford has kept the door open for a V8-powered Mustang for now, and may it stay open for a long time.

Sources: Ford, Classic.com

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