Internal documents show that Fisker Ocean is having teething problems | Taza Khabre

The Fisker Ocean is a segment leader in many ways, but it looks like the all-new electric SUV is dealing with its fair share of teething problems.

According to internal documents seen TechCrunch, more than 100 customer vehicles were affected by “loss of power incidents” where the vehicle effectively became undriveable. Fisker says these problems are rare, and notes that most issues with the Ocean have been resolved with over-the-air software updates.

But the story does not end there. Fisker’s documents show that it’s not just sudden power outages that customers have to deal with. Other problems include loss of braking power, hoods detaching and flying off at speed, and even faulty key fobs that leave people locked inside their cars. These are not minor issues that could potentially put customers at risk.

UPDATE: Fisker said CarBuzz that it has started rolling out the Ocean OS 2.0 software update, which will be released in a series of three OTA updates starting this week. The update includes “performance and drivetrain improvements” and other user interface changes. “The Fisker Ocean braking system uses both frictional and regenerative braking. In December 2023, Fisker responded to customer feedback and released an over-the-air update (version 1.10) for the regenerative system, which improved the customer experience when traveling over bumps and uneven surfaces, solving the problem,” said a company representative. “The original system itself, without regeneration, meets or exceeds all global certification standards for brake performance. Customer feedback has been taken into account via over-the-air updates.”

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