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Everything you need to know about Ring Protect price increases

Ring recently announced it would increase the price of its Ring Protect Basic subscription from $4 per month to $5 per month ($40 per year to $50 per year). This change only went into effect on March 11 — and customers had a lot of questions about the price increase leading up to its launch. Fortunately, many of these questions have been answered. There are many restrictions on the new price schedule, and there is even a way to get the old 2023 prices through the rest of 2024.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Ring Protect price increase that occurred on March 11.

Renew before March 11 to keep your price the same


Because these new prices only take effect on March 11, any billing done before that date will be done at the old prices. This means annual subscriptions renewed before March 11 will cost $40 instead of the new price of $50. In other words, it lets you continue using your Ring Protect Basic plan for the remainder of 2024 at the same price you paid in 2023. If you renew after March 11, the new charges will go into effect immediately.

Ring Protect prices do not change for other plans

While the Ring Protect Basic plan saw a big price increase, the other Ring Protect Plans remained unchanged. This means you can get Ring Protect Plus for $10 per month ($100 per year) or Ring Protect Pro for $20 per month ($200 per year). Unfortunately, this is mostly aimed at homes with multiple Ring devices, and if you only have a Ring doorbell, your cheapest option is to stick with Ring Protect Basic.

What happens if I decide to switch to a different Ring Protect Plan?


Ring notes that you can switch plans at any time without any penalty. Whatever your plan costs at the time of switch, that’s what you’ll pay. But since none of the other plans have changed prices, upgrading to the Plus or Pro plans will continue to cost $10 or $20 per month. If you downgrade from Plus or Pro to Basic, you’ll pay $5 per month if you sign up on or after March 11 (sign up before, and you’ll pay $4 per month).

Download your video if you plan to cancel Ring Protect Basic

When you cancel your Ring Protect plan, Ring will delete all your videos. If there’s a clip you want to keep, make sure to download it. This can be done by opening the Ring app, navigating to the menu bar, and finding History part. From here, you can choose Three dots icon next to the video you want to save, then select it Share And download.

What happens to the Ring Alarm feature if you cancel your Ring Protect plan?


Depending on when you purchased your Ring Alarm, different things will happen if you decide to cancel your Ring Protect plan. Homes that purchase Ring Alarm before March 29, 2023, will be able to access in-app features with or without a subscription.

Homes that purchase the device after March 29, 2023 will lose in-app features. However, you can still activate or deactivate the unit from Ring Keypad after canceling your membership.

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