I love my Apple Watch, but it annoys me every day

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I’m in a dysfunctional relationship with my Apple Watch, and it’s only getting worse.

I like it because it gives me quick access to Siri. I love that I have barely missed a phone call since I started using it. I love being able to glance at a text message and know whether I need to respond quickly or ignore it (as I do with constant reminders to stand up).

But I hate that every time I cross my arms, which I do several times a day, my Apple Watch thinks I’m trying to edit my watch face. These frequent and unintentional triggers – and the seeming lack of a solution – fueled a strong desire in me to stop taking them.

What’s most confusing is that this phenomenon is relatively new. I’ve been wearing my Apple Watch Series 5 every day since December 2019. For years, crossed-arm triggering occurred occasionally, but in the last six months, this has gone from once a month or twice a month. event of the month something I can no longer ignore.

Simon Cohen wears an Apple Watch with his arms crossed.
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There’s nothing unusual about my Apple Watch, and Apple assured me that they haven’t made any software updates that might cause the change. Maybe my arm has changed shape? I do try to go to the gym more often, but I don’t think that’s all.

In the world of Apple Watch problems, I realize that my complaints are very small — so small and trivial that they don’t deserve to be called “first world problems.” And yes, there is an “oh-let’s-take-a-moment-and-feel-sorry-for-the-old-skinned-gen-xer-who-can’t-cross-his-arms” quality to the word- I said harshly.

However, I am not alone. Somewhere, on the internet (okay, on Reddit), there are other people suffering from the same boredom.

Responses to this thread have been less than helpful. “Maybe cross your left arm over your right arm” suggested someone who clearly doesn’t understand that alternating crossing your arms is the same as alternating using your hands to move the mouse – it’s very difficult to switch.

Apple Watch Series 5 lying on a book.
Digital Trends

Turn on the water lock,” said another. “When Water Lock is on, Apple Watch Series 2 or later does not respond to touches on its screen.” While this is technically true, and I have tried it out of desperation, it is not a Band-Aid. Not only does this effectively reduce the Apple Watch to just another watch, but I also found that you need to re-enable the feature after charging, so it should become a daily ritual.

In one of the earliest threads I found (around 2015), some commenters became very hostile to the original poster. “Change what you do with your body so the watch doesn’t react in a way that bothers you,” instructed one, who then felt the need to defend Apple by adding, “Apple has NOTHING to improve to accommodate the way you position your body .”

On the Apple Support site, one frustrated watch owner noted that they accidentally deleted the watch face. Worried that this would happen again (or worse), they asked if the long press to edit button could be disabled. The answer they received was no. The community manager reminded them that they can always submit feedback to Apple.

Some commenters felt that way crossing your arms is rude and should generally be avoided.

Is that impolite? I am not sure. But I know that it is often seen as a sign of annoyance or annoyance at someone or something. This seems appropriate because that’s how I feel toward my Apple Watch and toward Apple for its almost eight-year unwillingness to offer a solution to the irresponsible people of this world.

You might say that this situation makes me very upset.

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