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Key findings

  • YouTuber Mr. Goodpliers explores an abandoned property in Texas filled with classic and vintage cars left behind by a deceased owner.
  • Most owned cars cannot be saved and can only be used as parts for restoration projects.
  • A 1953 Buick Roadmaster has the highest average market value at nearly $80,000, while a 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire averages around $22,000.

If you’ve ever wasted time classic car hunting, most often you find yourself in rather obscure places. Whether you’re digging through an old junkyard in the middle of the desert or traveling miles into the mountains after hearing a rumor about a rare find in a barn, tracking down a forgotten car from yesteryear is as much a journey to find it as it is to find the car itself.

for YouTuber Mr. Goodpliers, this trip was a 650-mile journey from Kansas to San Antonio, Texas to explore a huge, abandoned property buried deep in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the owner of this huge estate has long since passed away, and now contractors are scrambling to remove all the junk, trash, dilapidated buildings, and old cars until they are fully restored.

Goodpliers suspects that the property, in addition to being the previous owner’s residence, was actually overflow for a classic car dealership somewhere in the local town. While some of the old cars and other miscellaneous parts have already been salvaged, Goodpliers is trying to see what he can dig up by uncovering several 40s and 50s luxury car gems as well as some of the General Motors the best classic muscle cars In process.

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Some of the best Oldsmobiles have been here for decades

Goodpliers explains that while his bread and butter is restoring cars, he doesn’t usually make a 1,300-mile round trip to pick up “a few old junk cars.” However, one of his friends was recently in San Antonio packing up a van. He heard about the property and some of its history and advised him to go and see it.

He goes on to say that the price of scrap metal in San Antonio is quite high and says that the current owner of the estate says that all the cars on the lot are fair if the parts taken match the potential salvage value. While he wasn’t lucky enough to come across a Toronado or 4-4-2, Goodplayers spots a 1966 Oldsmobile Starfire in pretty rough shape.


1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 found in a field with tons of restored parts

Years ago, someone mysteriously abandoned this muscle car during a restoration.

While the Starfire wasn’t a no-nonsense muscle car, it wasn’t bad either: its 425cc V8 engine. inches produced 375 hp. and 470 lb-ft of torque – more than the same Oldsmobile 4-4-2. year. Unfortunately, this specimen is most likely beyond repair, as the bodywork is damaged by deep corrosion.

Next to Starfire is the front end of a 1959 Oldsmobile 88, which he said a friend had previously cut in half for parts. Goodpliers is trying to salvage a few more parts from the car, but unfortunately only the right front quarter can be salvaged.

A little further out on the lawn is a 1978 Olds 88 Holiday coupe that still has its full interior and its 350 cu. inches of V8 under the hood. Like most of the cars on the lot, the body is too rusty to use as the basis for a restoration, but this Olds has a fair amount of scavenger parts.

Vintage Mopar, MG and other GM classics appear

Basic information about an abandoned Texas parking lot

  • YouTuber Mr. Goodpliers in San Antonio, Texas checks out this abandoned property with lots of classic and vintage cars
  • The previous owner passed away years ago and the cars left over from his classic car dealership are being sold or scrapped
  • Goodpliers scours the estate to document the cars and see if there is anything worth saving
  • Owned several classic Oldsmobiles, a ’53 Buick Roadmaster, a ’46 Dodge Custom Sedan and five early ’50s Kaisers
  • Unfortunately, most of the cars have been sitting for so long that they cannot be salvaged, and are instead relegated to auto parts

While there are no Road Runners, Cudas, Chargers or Challengers in the yard, Goodpliers spots a 1946 Dodge Custom Sedan – complete with factory tailgate. Although the body and interior of this vintage Mopar are long gone, the Art Deco center console is in relatively decent shape and allows for a style language that is long gone.


A neglected Mopar treasure trove was found at a Mid-Western Farm Field

Check out dozens of classic MOPAR muscle cars waiting to be restored.

While it’s about Mopars on the territory, there’s something from the complete opposite end of the spectrum in the MG B Roadster. Unfortunately, while the body isn’t as bad as some of the other cars in the ownership, the inside looks like it was once home to a raccoon or two.

Meanwhile, the last GM car in the estate is a 1953 Buick Roadmaster, surprisingly with its very rusty 322cc V8. Goodpliers says V8 valve covers are quite valuable if they’re in good condition, as 1953 was the only year they came with the Buick shield embossed from the factory.

Five Kaisers and Ambassador Nash make up the rest of the collection

Three Rusty 1953 Kaiser Manhattan Sedans and a 1953 Nash Airflyte Dumpster Found Photo Front
through mr. Goodpliers (YT)

The last car on the lawn is a 1953 Kaiser Manhattan. Goodpliers believes the car was restored at some point, most likely in the 1980s. The interior has been completely updated, but since the car has been sitting with the windshield open for so long, not much inside or out seems usable. However, the Kaiser still has the original engine and even the overdrive transmission.

Stepping out of the clearing and back into the field, recently cleared of trees, sits a quartet of post-World War II American classics. Goodpliers says the owners and previous dumpers didn’t even know the cars had been there for years, and it’s not hard to see why.


An auto archaeologist found Mopars stacked to the ceiling in a warehouse

Ryan Brutt, aka The Auto Archaeologist, strikes gold finding dozens of classic Mopar cars and parts in stock.

Among the trees sit four Kaiser Travelers and a Nash Airflyte driven by Clark Kent in Superman. The Kaiser Traveler is recognizable by its smashed front window, and while Goodpliers says most cars aren’t worth saving because of the heavy, deep rust, he changes his mind when he returns with a friend to grab two of them soon after.

How much are these classic and vintage cars worth?

RARE Kaiser & Nash Airflyte SAVED!  Out of the Woods - Texas Classic Cars & Parts!  31-59 screenshot (1)-1

Texas junkyard classic car values



Average market value

Highest selling price

1953 Buick Roadmaster

3506 USD

79,748 USD

165,000 USD

1953 Kaiser Manhattan

2650 USD

15,519 USD

20,156 USD

1966 Oldsmobile Starfire

3564 USD

22,146 USD

62,700 USD

1966 MG B

2,607 US dollars

21,920 USD

90,313 USD

(figures provided JD Power/classic.com)

If it wasn’t already obvious, most, if not all, of these cars are too far gone for a restoration project and are only suitable for use as auto parts. However, for the sake of argument, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting cars in the collection and see what good examples are worth on the classic car market.

According to classic.com, the average market value of a 1966 Olds Starfire is only around $22,000, with prices as high as $62,700 for pristine examples. Nash and Kaiser are also relatively inexpensive, averaging between $15,000 and $25,000.

The 1953 Buick Roadmaster is the most valuable of the bunch, with an average market value of just under $80,000 and a top of $165,000. While it’s sad to see what could have happened to so many of these cars, Goodpliers has released a bunch of parts that will hopefully be used in more than one restoration project soon.

Sources: YouTube @ Mr. Goodpliers, JD Power, classic.com

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