3 underrated Paramount+ films that are perfect for winter viewing

Christmas has passed, and so has Valentine’s Day. But winter still has about a month left before it’s over with us. For many people, spring can’t come soon enough. However, Paramount+ subscribers have a good reason to stay indoors and watch some underrated movies that are perfect for winter viewing.

Note that “underrated” does not mean unclear. Several Paramount+ films, such as the 2007 Best Picture winner There is no country for old people, far from being underestimated. But we’ve found three movies on Paramount+ that will get your blood pumping on these cold winter nights.

insomnia (2002)

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Oppenheimer enhancing Christopher Nolan’s reputation as one of the best directors of his generation, but his second major studio film, Insomnia, is often overlooked among his credits. Al Pacino takes the lead as Will Dormer, an LAPD cop under suspicion of internal affairs, as he and his partner, Hap Eckhart (Martin Donovan), travel to Alaska to help an idealistic local detective, Ellie Burr (Hilary Swank), solve the murder of a young girl.

After learning that his partner plans to testify against him, Dormer accidentally shoots Eckhart while chasing the killer. After the incident, Dormer was troubled by his conscience and the ever-present Alaskan sunshine, which left him suffering from debilitating insomnia. The killer in question, Walter Finch (Robin Williams), then takes the opportunity to approach Dormer to keep quiet about Eckhart’s death if he helps shift the blame for the girl’s murder onto someone else. It’s a slippery moral slope, and Dormer can’t seem to find his way around it.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

A woman looks to the left in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

At the time of its release, Sony Pictures expected it Girl With Dragon Tattoo became a huge success and the first in a long franchise. It’s a shame that didn’t happen because this was a great showcase for the main character, Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), a talented computer hacker and a force of nature in her own right. However, most of the film takes place from the perspective of Mikael Blomkvist (James Bond actor Daniel Craig), a journalist whose career hangs in the balance after a corrupt businessman successfully sues him for defamation.

Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer) offers Blomkvist the evidence he needs to turn the tide in his defamation lawsuit, but only if he solves the decades-old murder mystery that haunts the Vanger family. That’s why Blomkvist enlists Salander’s help, and she proves to be an invaluable ally… as well as an unexpected lover. But the killer they’re chasing is closer than the suspects Blomkvist or Salander.

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Goodnight Long Kiss (1996)

Geena Davis points her guns in The Long Kiss Goodnight.
New Line Cinema

Goodnight Long Kiss is a film written by Shane Black, so of course it takes place during the Christmas season without actually being a Christmas film. In many ways, this action film was ahead of its time, but film fans in the ’90s weren’t ready to accept Geena Davis as an action star. The story follows Samantha Caine (Davis), a housewife and mother who is haunted by the fact that she has no memory of her life before eight years ago.

To get answers, Samantha turns to private investigator Mitch Henessey (Samuel L. Jackson). However, the only real revelation came from within. After an accident begins to unite Samantha’s fragmented mind, some of her deadliest enemies realize where she is. To protect her family, Samantha must return to being the woman she once was.

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