5 best office chairs for long hours in 2024

If you spend long hours behind a desk, a comfortable office chair is a must. Investing in an unattractive chair can cause aches and pains, making sitting at a desk for more than a few minutes uncomfortable and unhealthy. Instead, consider investing in the best office chair for long hours in 2024, one that’s comfortable, supportive, and keeps you fresh until your work is done.

In addition to a comfortable seat and adjustable components, an office chair suitable for long work sessions offers impressive lumbar support, increased air circulation to prevent heat buildup, and a striking design that makes it the focal point of your room. The biggest downside to this chair? The price tends to be expensive. But if you expect to use it more than 40 hours a week and want to use it for several years, it’s a wise investment.

To help you in your search, here are the five best office chairs for long hours in 2024. These chairs come in a variety of prices and models, and there’s sure to be one to suit your needs. Many can also be customized with different components and colors – giving you incredible control over their performance.

Best office chairs for long hours in 2024

  • Buy Chairman of Herman Miller Aeron for the best overall office chair for long hours.
  • Buy Branch Verve Chair if you want an affordable alternative.
  • Buy Herman Miller Makes the Office Chair a Reality for luxury chairs with many adjustable components.
  • Buy X-Seat X1 if you want a premium mesh office chair.
  • Buy Steel Box Movement if you want to customize all aspects of your office chair.

Chairman of Herman Miller Aeron

Best overall office chair for long hours

Herman Miller
Excess Counter
Breathable fabric Expensive
Three seat sizes
Some components can be customized

Herman Miller is responsible for many of the best office chairs on the market, and the Aeron is arguably the best. Available in three sizes and with a variety of ways to customize your chair (such as adding leather arm pads, upgraded wheels, and additional back support), you can easily create an office chair that fits your needs.

In addition to pre-purchase customization options, you’ll have plenty of customizable components to work with once they arrive at your home. These include adjustable armrests, a premium tilt and recline system, and (as always) the option to raise or lower your seat height. Designed to support not only your back but also your arms, shoulders, and hips, it will keep you comfortable during long work sessions.

All that functionality doesn’t come cheap, with the Aeron costing more than $1,500. The looks are also a bit ordinary for a chair in this price range, but there’s no denying that this chair is well equipped and is one of the most feature-rich chairs of 2024.

Material Aluminum, alloy steel, mesh
Style Tall defender
Maximum weight 350 lbs

Branch Verve Chair

The best affordable office chairs for long hours

The Verve in the office.
Excess Counter
Great price Awkward floating armrest
Several color choices Lack of some adjustments
Premium materials

It’s hard to find an affordable office chair that’s also supportive, but the Branch Verve manages to do it. Available for around $600 (depending on your color), it’s much cheaper than most of the other products on this list — but offers many of the same features.

In addition to a supportive high-density foam seat, the Verve gives you six points of adjustment, including adjustable lumbar support. Branch says the chair is purpose-built to handle an eight-hour work day, making it ideal for a WFH setup. The chair itself is sturdy and durable (weighing 40 lbs) and supports up to 275 lbs.

The armrest on the Verve is one of the few points that sticks out, as it doesn’t extend all the way to the back of the seat. Instead, they float in place and leave a few inches of space between where the elbow rests and the backrest. But if you can get past those little quirks, the Verve is a great way to save a lot of money while still giving you a comfortable seat for hours behind your desk.

Material aluminum, polymer frame
Style Tall defender
Maximum weight 275 lbs

Herman Miller Makes the Office Chair a Reality

The best premium office chair for long working hours

Make it happen in the office.
Herman Miller
Excess Counter
Striking design Expensive
According to your movements
Encourages good posture

The Embody Office Chair is one of the most expensive office chairs in the Herman Miller catalog. It’s not cheap, but it doesn’t cut corners either, so it’s suitable for people who are behind their desk most of the day.

Available in a variety of colors for both the frame and upholstery, Herman Miller makes it easy for you to design something to suit your home office. Whatever you choose, you’ll get an eye-catching piece of furniture, with swooping curves and intricate frames that are like no other on the market. If you’re into aesthetics, the style alone may justify the high price.

Besides looking great, this office chair is also equipped with luxury features to help you get through the day without aches or pains. It uses Herman Miller’s Pixelated Support system to conform to your body and adjust to your every move. It also has a narrow backrest to encourage proper form when sitting behind your desk. Bundled with all customizable components and a 12-year warranty, it’s an easy choice for the savvy shopper.

Material Aluminum, polyester
Style Tall defender
Maximum weight 300 lbs

X-Seat X1

The best mesh office chair for long hours

Chair X1 in the office.
Excess Counter
Under $1,000 Simple design
Breathable mesh
Removable headrest

Mesh chairs are very popular, largely because of the breathability they offer. They are especially appealing for people who work long hours, as this mesh prevents heat buildup and regulates your body temperature regardless of how many hours you work.

The X-Chair X1 is a great example of this design, as it is made almost entirely from durable mesh fabric. From the seat to the backrest and removable headrest, almost everything on the X1 is made from breathable mesh. That helps it dissipate body heat and keeps you comfortable. In addition to the mesh, the X1 uses a dynamic lower back support system that adapts to your body as you move — making it easy to get comfortable without fiddling with various levers and knobs.

Due to its mesh construction, the X1 looks understated and more minimalist than other chairs in this price range. But if you like the simple design and love the appeal of the mesh fabric and customizable components, this is a great option to keep on your list.

Material Net
Style Tall defender
Maximum weight 275 lbs

Steel Box Movement

The best office chairs that can be adjusted for long hours

Someone sitting in a Steelcase Gesture chair.
Steel box
Excess Counter
Dozens of upholstery options Expensive
Modern design Expensive customization options
Highly customizable

With a modern frame, premium back support and a chair with flexible edges, the Gesture is the ideal companion for late nights at the office. Unlike some chairs, which come pre-built or give you limited customization options, you can modify almost every aspect of the Gesture. It’s a little pricey — and the extra features can make the price really skyrocket — but the combination of comfort and adjustability makes it one of the best office chairs.

Amazon offers eight different Steelcase Gesture models, although if you want more options you can check them out Steelcase official website. Here, you’ll find dozens of upholstery options, different back styles, optional headrests, and several other ways to modify your chair. This makes it a great option for picky shoppers or anyone who hasn’t had luck finding a product that meets their specific needs.

With a contoured backrest, supportive seat cushion, and adjustable armrests, Gesture makes it easy to find a comfortable working position. Most buyers will also consider it to be one of the best looking office chairs, with a slim profile and minimalist frame that helps it blend in with your existing home decor.

Material Aluminum, polyester
Style Tall defender
Maximum weight 400 lbs

How we chose the best office chairs for long hours in 2024

A reliable office chair is a must if you spend long hours behind your desk. However, not all office chairs can do this, because some chairs are made with low-quality materials and do not provide enough support for your back. Usually the price is also quite expensive, because making a durable and supportive chair requires premium materials and the best techniques. Here’s how we compiled our list of the best office chairs for long hours in 2024.

Supportive cushioning and backrest

Most importantly, a good office chair makes your body feel the same as when you first sat down. This can only be done with a supportive seat cushion and backrest. Products with added lumbar support or other features to improve your health are important to consider if you plan to spend more than 40 hours a week in your office chair.

Durable frame

Apart from being supportive, you also want your office chair to be durable. You’ll spend a lot of change, and it’s hard to recommend a product that will show signs of wear just a year after bringing it into your home. In addition to the stress of human habitation, chairs must also withstand scratches, impacts, spills, and other household hazards.

Customizable components

The best office chairs are adjustable, allowing you to manipulate height, angle, tension, and more. Since everyone has different preferences and body types, it’s important that your office chair gives you plenty of ways to optimize your fit.

Stylish design

Although not as important as other factors, you probably want a good chair in your office. They’re often the focal point of a room, and if you’re spending more than $500, you don’t want an eye sore clumsily placed behind your desk.

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