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Key findings

  • The cars in Don Page’s collection are mostly well-preserved classics of various makes and eras.
  • Classic garage finds include one-of-a-kind vehicles like a Plymouth Belvedere drag racer and a stock Chevy Impala.
  • The LS-swap project on the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow in the restoration shop promises a significant increase in power.

This collection classic cars is a diverse group that Barn Find Hunter Tom discovers during a visit to Maine (courtesy Hagerty’s YouTube channel). Technically, while some of these cars live in barns, they aren’t strictly barn finds because they were never lost.

The definition of a barn find is open to interpretation, but generally describes a vehicle rediscovered after being put into storage decades ago. Either way, these classics are just the ticket for another trip down the interesting rabbit hole of automotive history. At the end there is a bonus that no one expects: a Rolls-Royce with its types installed on LS V8 swap. We check out what’s going on at the two sites Tom visits on his trip and see how much some of these cars might cost on average.

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Maine is a great summer home for classic cars

Tom Cotter is our trusty Barn Hunter with a Blood Hound nose and a passion for classic cars. However, you don’t need to be a detective to find the cars in Don Page’s collection, as the faux vintage gas station has been decorated as a museum. Inside, Tom and Dawn look around the garage, which has some great vintage badges.

One of them was once a drag racer and one is still a quarter mile warrior even today. Don jokes that the gas pump outside is a little dry, but the setting sets the viewer up for the time-warped feeling that comes with uncovering these automotive gems. For the most part, the cars here are in excellent condition, and some are exemplary. Don doesn’t own them all – he saves some for friends or acquaintances – but that means there’s more classic metal to look at.

Classic cars hope to be in Don Page’s garage

  • The cars in the garage are a mix of Don and his friends, the collection appears to be in good overall condition
  • This collection that Tom is looking at includes cars from different makes and eras, but there are no modern cars here
  • A charming vintage gas station is the backdrop for the enthusiast’s warehouse and garage

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The Plymouth Superbird and Ford Torino Talladega Barn finds are reminders of NASCAR’s air car era

The large warehouse muscle car collection features NASCAR air car legends, including a variety of Plymouth Superbirds.

Don Page has some classic “barn finds”.

Some cars may qualify as garage or storage muscle cars, but we’re going to cover them separately. Don has several other great classic cars, most of which have an interesting history. He does a Plymouth Special Deluxe ‘woodie’ gate Tom impression. Woodies, as they are colloquially known, include a wooden frame, usually in the middle and rear of the car.

This can be structural or aesthetic, with some cars continuing to use wood-effect trim for a long time afterwards. This Special Deluxe is seemingly in mint condition, and the duo comment that it looks reliable enough to drive around the country now.

Don says that in fact, at the auction where he bought it, it was in very bad shape – no one wanted it, and the wood and tarp roof were moldy. Now it is also used for weddings. The Chevy Impala is another impressive classic car owned by an acquaintance. It’s a stock car with no modifications other than the 4-speed gearbox it got at the start.

It produces about 350 hp. and since 1961, when it was built, it has lived as a drag racer. In the photos above, we can see more classic cars, including a ’53 Cadillac, what looks to Tom to be an ’88 Oldsmobile Rocket, and even an early 30’s Ford dual-deck truck.

Average values ​​for selected classic cars in Don’s collection

1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe

1961 Chevrolet Impala Sport

1955 Oldsmobile Super 88

1953 Cadillac Series 62

Average auction price

38,800 USD

49,300 USD

21,100 USD

17,500 USD

Data courtesy of Hagerty

Average values ​​based on models like the one in the video at the top of this article, actual variants and values ​​unknown

Takeaway from the first part of Don’s collection

  • The Oldsmobile “woodie” was purchased in a rundown condition that required cleaning to bring it to its current sparkling condition
  • Don’s Chevy Impala was a former factory drag racing car; A 4-speed gearbox is the only real modification
  • Other classic cars include what may be the “Rocket 88,” which is still considered the first true muscle car

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Points of interest: muscle cars on the territory of the Don

Of course, muscle cars or pony cars are a great source of interest to many who spot them in Don’s various warehouse openings. The first is a striking black Plymouth Belvedere II, aside from the rear wheels, it looks pretty stock, but that’s anything but.

Paige informs Tom that this is another of his cars; he takes it to the drag strip on average once a month. Under the hood, it is a drag racer with a Ray Barton racing engine with a capacity of about 650 hp. Two 4-cylinder engines feed an eight-cylinder engine that was once a 5.9-liter V8.

Average values ​​for models similar to Don’s Muscle Cars

Base 1967 Plymouth Belvedere II 383

Base 1970 Plymouth Barracuda 318

1966 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350

Average auction price

21,300 USD

30,400 USD

187,000 USD

Data courtesy of Hagerty,

Another familiar face sits in the back along with some other classic cars from the past – the Plymouth Barracuda. It’s not a fire-breathing monster, but the duo notes that this 5.2-liter is relatively light, and that works in its favor when racing. We can imagine that a big block engine swap would significantly improve this advantage.

Finally, the Shelby GT350 is in a shed elsewhere, owned by another friend of Don’s. Below, we’ll look again at the averages for similar cars without knowing the year of production of the cars in the video. The Shelby GT350 was a high-performance version of the Mustang tuned – or rather heavily modified – by Shelby. As we can see above, these cars are extremely valuable today, much more so than the other two. Page’s Belvedere is now a powerful dragstrip weapon and can beat the Shelby in a straight line thanks to its powerful engine.

Averages based on models like the one shown in the video at the top of this article. The actual options and their meaning are unknown.

Highlights of the Muscle Cars that appear in the collection

  • The Plymouth Barracuda is an attractive car in its color and condition, and would make a great project car
  • All first-generation Shelby Mustang GT350 variants are extremely valuable, averaging over $100,000, according to, with a 1965 model fetching over $300,000.
  • From classic cars from the 50s to the 60s and beyond, the collection seems to have something for everyone

Rolls-Royce’s LS-Swap project threatens to be expensive

In the last part of the video, Tom heads to the restoration shop run by Philip. He represents the owner as a former student at McPherson College in Maine, where he learned the skills and craftsmanship required to work on and develop vintage machines. From metalwork to upholstery and engine building, these courses enable the people of tomorrow to look after the cars of yesterday.

There are a few classic cars or even motorcycles that stand out and one of them is the 1934 Harley Davidson VFD Solo. It’s a 1 of 5 with an interesting history, a commercial model with a more reliable engine than the ubiquitous “VL” models, and one of the few such bikes that came from the factory without a sidecar. The 1931 Rio Royale also has a great story, a replica Royale of a car that proved to be a competitive machine in its day. This is the black hot rod pictured above.

Perhaps the highlight has to be the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, a car that once represented the pinnacle of luxury. But now it’s just a project that Philip is trying to complete despite the lack of time.

It survived the fire in bad shape and the owner wanted to repair it for $2,000. Instead, it was sold for a few hundred dollars to Philip, who saw LS trade-in potential in it. The LS1 engine is GM’s well-known V8 that debuted in the C5 Chevrolet Corvette in the late ’90s.

As a popular engine replacement, it should be relatively easy to fit in the Silver Shadow’s engine bay and offer over 345 hp. According to Philip, a GM “Turbo 400” transmission is installed in the car, which will work well, and a turbo kit can offer a significant increase in power. Another builder even installed a Hellcat engine in a Rolls-Royce model. At this point, however, Rolls-Royce’s LS-swap is still a distinct piece of work, but one he’s proud of. He jokes that he succeeded because he now owns a Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur and LS-Swap specs are possible

1981 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

Speculative Rolls-Royce LS Swap


6.75 liter, NA V8

5.7 liter, NA V8


220 hp

345 hp

Average auction price

9000 USD


Figures courtesy of Hagerty

Takeaway from the rest of the cars in the video

  • According to the video, Harley Davidson produced the VL model with a “commercial” VFD that had more reliable specific engine components, and this model is one of the 5 that does not have a sidecar.
  • The Silver Spur is a classic English luxury car that had a blown engine and was sold to Philip for a very low price; at the moment it is in a disassembled state
  • The LS engine could provide from 300-400 hp. and much more with forced induction and auxiliary equipment

Sources: Hagerty,

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