Helldivers 2 isn’t on Xbox, but these Game Pass titles could help fill the void

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Hell Diver 2 is a PlayStation console exclusive, so it’s not available on Xbox Series X or S. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer not only voiced his disappointment with this, but also Lots Hell Diver 2 playerwho asks for more help in the fight against the Terminids and Automatons.

If you don’t have a PS5 or a good enough gaming PC to run Hell Diver 2, You may feel a little left out. But if you’re interested in playing sci-fi or co-op games, there are plenty of entertaining alternative options available on Xbox Game Pass. While Xbox players can’t die for Super Earth just yet, they can still have fun fighting and dying in one of the Xbox Game Pass games playable on the console.

Deep Rock Galaxy

A mining dwarf in Deep Rock Galactic
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If you specifically want another sci-fi co-op game, there are a few different options for you on Xbox Game Pass. First, we have Deep Rock Galaxy, a cooperative shooter about space dwarves mining for resources. In it, you go on missions into caves, collect resources and complete objectives, then fight to extract with all the resources you collected. Although it is a little different from Hell Diver 2 with its first-person perspective and emphasis on mining, the core gameplay loop isn’t actually that far removed from the game. This can give you a lot of interesting moments that you and your friends will talk about for weeks after the fact, which is the hallmark of a fantastic co-op game.

Gear 5

Screenshots from the Gears 5 campaign.
Coalition Studios / Xbox Game Studios

Hell Diver 2 finally giving PlayStation a console-exclusive answer to Xbox’s Gears of War, its flagship co-op third-person shooter franchise. Obviously, that also means playing Gear 5 is a great Xbox Game Pass alternative. If you miss the single player or narrative elements Hell Diver 2, Gears 5 featuring a full campaign that is sure to scratch that itch. And if you just want cooperative action, The Coalition games have a cooperative horde mode, as well as Escape, a mission-based mode that’s more akin to the experience you want. Hell Diver 2 provide. If Sony plans to never bring it Hell Diver 2 to Xbox, then it would be smart for Xbox players to show Microsoft that we want more first-party franchises that are as close to Helldivers as it can offer.

Remainder II

Mother Mind Remnant II boss fight
Gearbox Entertainment

A sleep attacks starting in 2023, Remainder II is the co-op shooter to play if you like a very difficult nature Hell Diver 2. This is a looter shooter that finds a way to incorporate Soulslike elements into its shooter gameplay. Like Hell Diver 2 on harder difficulties, Remainder II it can be very difficult at times, but that makes success all the more rewarding. Its roguelike setup and procedural generation system also means that everyone’s campaign is different Remainder II replay factor and enables some very memorable moments in co-op. Remainder II also features the best boss fights I’ve ever encountered in a co-op game.

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide

Hordes invade players in Warhammer 40K Darktide.
Unlimited Levels

If cutting through hordes of enemies is an action of Hell Diver 2 that you feel you missed on Xbox, then I recommend it Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide. This four-player co-op first-person shooter is incredibly satisfying to play and emphasizes melee more than other games on this list. Like Hell Diver 2it understands that there are simple pleasures to be had in sci-fi shooter power fantasy, but it’s also not afraid to complicate things to force crushing defeats or exhilarating victories.

Back 4 Blood

Players look out of the safe room door in Back 4 Blood.
WB Games

Back 4 Blood the zombie premise and mission-based setting is very different from what was Hell Diver 2 offer, but this is a My favorite private cooperative. It’s made by Turtle Rock, the same studio behind the Left 4 Dead games, and features some of the best cooperative missions and level design I’ve seen in this wave of AAA shooters. Back 4 Blood The card system can also drastically change the level of difficulty and the equipment a player has from one run to another, resulting in a cooperative experience that is as unpredictable as it gets. Hell Diver 2 mission. Back 4 Blood it’s a few years old and the content is complete now, so you don’t have to worry about live service support or crowded servers anymore.


Deadeye fights dinosaurs in Exoprimal
Capcom / Capcom

Although you can wipe out bugs and robots Terminator style Hell Diver 2, you can’t kill dinosaurs. That’s the unique power fantasy underrated by Capcom’s 2023 PvPvE shooter Exoprimal offer. Its exosuit hook offers a variety of hero shooter gameplay, the hordes of dinosaurs it occasionally throws at the player is technically impressive, and it even offers such an innovative approach to multiplayer storytelling that I wish more games were like it. Hell Diver 2 copied. The main mode also adds PvP combat at the end of the game, something you wouldn’t otherwise get Hell Diver 2. When Exoprimal went under the radar after its release last July, I suggest you check it out on Xbox Game Pass now if you’re feeling anxious about not being able to play it Hell Diver 2.

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