Roomba not connecting to Wi-Fi? Here’s how to fix it

Your precious iRobot Roomba may be one of the best purchases you ever make. Among the jobs of a traditional vacuum cleaner, it keeps your home neat and tidy by operating on a set schedule. Roomba integrates with your Alexa ecosystem, sends you notifications, and can be controlled from the intuitive iRobot companion app. There’s just one problem…

Every now and then, your Roomba experiences problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether your existing network connection is dropping, showing or sounding a “not connected” message, or having trouble connecting to the network in the first place, internet problems are never fun — especially if your smart home technology relies on them. Nonetheless, we are here to help.

If your Roomba is showing red flags when connecting to Wi-Fi, here are some things you can try.

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Why isn’t my Roomba connecting to Wi-Fi?

While booting you Roomba for the first time, you’ll be asked (via the companion app) to pair the new robot vac to a compatible Wi-Fi network. While this process doesn’t take long — as the bot will usually connect to the Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to — there are times when the process may not be straightforward.

Here are some common problems you may experience and what you can do about them.

Step 1: First things first: Make sure your Wi-Fi network is operating properly.

Sometimes we take this troubleshooting step for granted because we are used to all the web-connected equipment in operation. In some cases, even if your Wi-Fi is actually working, its performance may not be optimal, making it difficult to connect and register new devices.

If you notice your network is a little slower than usual, or you can’t get a new robot vac online, a simple fix is ​​to reboot your router. We recommend unplugging the power cable, waiting about 15 seconds, then turning the router back on.

Once your network is back, try reconnecting your Roomba again.

Step 2: Making sure your Roomba is connected to the correct wireless network band is a must.

Today, most wireless routers (even those from your cable provider) will broadcast both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Traditionally, 2.4GHz is best for operating equipment far from your router’s base, while 5GHz is recommended for connecting equipment closer to your router.

While we recommend keeping robot vacuums connected to the 2.4GHz band, many Roomba models have the ability to pair to the 5GHz network.

That Lots model — no all model.

The Roomba 600 lineup is only capable of connecting to 2.4GHz networks. In fact, all models under the i6 family Can’t paired to a 5GHz network. If you try to pair your 600 model with the 5GHz band, that’s the problem.

Log into your iRobot companion app, change Wi-Fi to the 2.4GHz option, and you’re good to go.

Step 3: If your Roomba’s performance is a bit spotty, distance may be the problem. Ideally, your vacuum cleaner location should be close enough to your router for optimal operating conditions.

The farther the base station is from your router, the less bandwidth your dock sends back to the Roomba.

If your Roomba charging dock is located far from your router, consider moving it closer to your network hub.

Step 4: If all else fails, sometimes you need a factory reset to get your Roomba back to working condition. This process essentially wipes your vacuum’s internal memory, and will likely require you to add it back into the app as if it were new.

Depending on the Roomba model you have, the reset process will be different. Luckily, we’ve covered this reset process in detail before.

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How do I reconnect my Roomba to Wi-Fi?

If your Roomba isn’t pairing from your network, or you’re setting up the vacuum for the first time, connecting the bot is a quick and easy process.

Step 1: Make sure your mobile device is connected to whatever network (2.4GHz or 5GHz) your Roomba supports. You’ll also want to make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your device.

Step 2: Make sure the Roomba is in its charging dock. Then, launch the iRobot companion app from your mobile device.

Step 3: If this is your first time adding a Roomba to your Wi-Fi network, select it Add Robots. Then, choose a name for your vacuum cleaner and press Continue.

Step 4: Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and press Continue. From here, your Roomba will automatically pair with your network.

Step 5: If you’re experiencing network outages or some kind of intermittent problem with your Wi-Fi, or just want to change the network your Roomba is on, launch the iRobot app and log in to Network settings.

Find the network you want to connect to, enter the password, and wait for your Roomba to connect.

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