This $2,350 smartwatch has one of the funkiest designs I’ve ever seen

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer has partnered with fashion-forward golf brand Malbon Golf to create a special edition of its Connected Caliber E4 45mm smartwatch. This isn’t the first time Tag Heuer has produced a special edition model or even used golf in its smartwatch, but this is undoubtedly its brightest limited edition yet — and it’s sure to get you noticed on the course.

Malbon Golf, if you don’t already know, is an innovative lifestyle fashion brand with a mission to inspire young people to play golf, Tag Heuer, for its part, sponsors various golf tournaments and players and has built a comprehensive golf app to its advantage. luxury smart watch. The pair looks great together, and the resulting model is very striking. It’s also a different departure from the very traditional-looking E4 Golf Edition that launched in 2022.

Promotional image of the Tag Heuer Connected Caliber E4 x Malbon Golf watch.
Tag Heuer

Based on the Tag Heuer Connected Caliber E4 45mm smartwatch, it has 18 numbers (symbolizing holes on a golf course) around a turquoise bezel and separated by yellow markings. The color scheme matches the side buttons and crown, and really stands out against the black diamond-like carbon (DLC), sandblasted titanium case. Paired with a green-yellow hybrid leather and rubber strap.

There are two specially designed watch faces; one is exclusive to this edition and is based on the Heuer 02 watch face, while the other is an animated face using the Malbon Golf golf ball mascot. It will also be available as a downloadable add-on for all other Tag Heuer E4 smartwatches, such as some Porsche-branded versions. This smartwatch comes in a special case containing a Tag Heuer x Malbon Golf golf ball and baseball cap, plus a ball marker and an additional black rubber strap.

But this collaboration doesn’t end there. The two companies also produce a range of other co-branded products, including Tag Heuer x Malbon apparel, hats, golf club head covers and Golf gloves. Otherwise, the Tag Heuer x Malbon Golf Connected Caliber E4 smartwatch is the same as the version we reviewed, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+ processor, a 1.28-inch OLED screen, Wear OS 3 software that has revamped the user experience, a heart rate sensor and GPS. It comes with the Tag Heuer Golf app pre-installed.

The Tag Heuer Connected Caliber E4 x Malbon Golf Edition will be available in limited numbers starting in February, and will cost 2,050 British pounds, which means it will almost certainly cost $2,350 in the US to get it on your wrist. It joins other exciting and always interesting special editions from Tag Heuer, including the latest limited edition Super Mario smartwatch.

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