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The Texas-based company told us how they carefully captured the essence of the original Shelby, while introducing significant improvements.

Key findings

  • Texas-based Classic Recreations specializes in spectacularly reimagined first-generation Ford Mustang Shelby GT500s, not restomods.
  • The Shelby GT500CR Centennial Edition boasts 800 hp. with a luxurious carbon fiber body and modern performance upgrades.
  • In addition to Ford Mustang models, Classic Recreations may have other designs.

classic muscle car restomoding is big business these days. In the opportunity to enjoy such icons of classic cars as Ford MustangChevy Camaro or Dodge Charger, improving their proven formula with modern powertrains and amenities.

One such company that takes this approach to the next level is Classic Recreations, a Texas-based shop that makes some of the the most impressive 1st generation Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 restomods. In fact, they don’t even classify them as Restomods, but as full recreations, hence their name.

We had a chance to speak with Glen Orr, Head of Media Relations at Classic Recreations, and he answered a few questions we had about their Shelby GT500 builds, specifically the recently announced 1 of 10 Shelby GT500CR Centennial Edition. We also wanted to know if there was anything else we could expect in the works for other muscle car projects.

Classic Recreations gives HotCars the details

Specifications Ford Mustang Shelby GT500CR Centennial Edition


5.0-liter supercharged V8


Front engine, rear drive

Method of transmission

6-speed mechanics


800 hp

A turning point



3200 lbs

0-60 mph

3.2 seconds

The highest speed

189 mph



(figures courtesy of Classic Recreations)

What sets this Shelby GT500 apart from other Mustang Restomods on the market?

“First and foremost, we see the GT500CR as a Recreation, not a restomod. We are looking at these two different classes of cars. The Classic Recreations GT500CR is based on the titular 1967 Mustang and is licensed and registered by Shelby as the GT500CR Mustang. What separates the Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR from what others would consider a restomod is that everything about this car has been reimagined, redesigned, upgraded and built to become a luxury collectible supercar.

Our carbon fiber models are completely wrapped in an aerospace grade carbon fiber body pre-fabricated from a steel internal structure. It’s about 600 pounds lighter than the steel Mustang. As described and depicted on
campaign site
, the interior from front to back has been redesigned to match the most luxurious exotic cars available today. Mechanically, from the suspension to the transmission to the subframe connectors, this car has been brought up to modern performance standards.

In looking at how and what we create, we embody Carroll Shelby’s legacy of innovation, craftsmanship and performance as our ethos. The announcement and creation of this car is our family’s thanks for our success and the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause and organization.”

“Yes, from both sides. Since we start with the 1967 Mustang, our vehicles exceed most standards for cars from that era.”

Are you associated with Shelby American?

“For purposes of this announcement, we are an independent vehicle manufacturer licensed by Shelby Licensing. We work really closely with Shelby American.”

Classic holiday plans for the future

Key details of Classic Recreations

  • In-house paint shop perfectly matches the colors of the original Shelby GT500s (Candy Apple Red pictured above)
  • The Shelby GT500CR and Diamond Edition Shelby Cobra Race Car have been in the spotlight, but they are licensed to build various Shelby GT350, Shelby Cobra and 1969 Camaro models.

While the Ford Mustang models created by Classic Recreations are incredibly impressive, we reached out to see if there are any other iconic classic or sports cars they plan to use for recreation. Here’s what they said:

Do you plan to build other models besides the Shelby GT500?

“Over the past three years, we have transformed from a restomod shop into a manufacturer of high-performance exotics. Looking to the future, we use the incredible feedback we receive from collectors to develop the current line of models. While we focus on the Shelby GT500CR and the Diamond Edition Shelby Cobra Race Car to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Cobra and Shelby American, we are also licensed to build various Shelby GT350, Shelby Cobra and 1969 Camaro models. Stay tuned for more projects in the works.”

We wanted to thank Glen for being so helpful and we look forward to seeing what comes next from Classic Recreations. If it’s anything like their Shelby GT500 or other Mustang builds, we expect them to continue to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible in restomod, or shall we say, “rest.”

Sources: Classic Recreations

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