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Honda rocked the automotive world at the end of 2023 by announcing the return of the iconic Prelude. Staying faithful older generations of the iconic model, the Prelude was introduced as a two-door coupe, clearly defining it as a sports car. What’s more, Honda was keen to point out that the new Prelude will have electrified power.

Electric sports car the market hasn’t taken off yet, but we feel the new Prelude could really shake things up – here’s why.

HotCars has gathered information from a variety of sources, mostly Honda, JD Power and Honda News, to best show how the newly unveiled Prelude could shake up the electric sports car market.


Why the potential Honda Prelude looks worth the wait

This sleek new coupe from Honda has the automotive world talking; here’s why we think it’s definitely worth the wait!

Honda teased us with the new 2023 Honda Prelude

Quick facts about the 2024 Honda Prelude

  • The exciting concept was presented at the Japan Mobility Show 2023
  • The drive is provided by a hybrid-electric power plant
  • The production date has not yet been confirmed

Just a few months ago, Honda gave the gearbox world an early Christmas present by putting the fabric back on its stunning new sports car. The launch of a new sports car is always an exciting time, especially when it’s from such an established brand as the new one – could it be the all-new S2000? Perhaps that would have been the more obvious choice, but instead Honda decided to revive another iconic nameplate, the Prelude.

Very little has been confirmed since then, but just by looking at it, things look promising. The contours are similar to the GR86, a car known for its handling characteristics, affordable price and just plain fun to drive. Honda is looking to push the envelope by equipping the Prelude with some electrified power as well. Not only will it be fun to drive, but it will put the cat among the pigeons in the sports car market, as suddenly cars like the Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ look dated.

The electric sports car market is too expensive

Electric sports cars on sale in 2024

  • Porsche Taycan – Starting Retail Price: $90,900
  • Audi e-Tron GT – Starting MSRP: $107,995
  • BMW i4 M50 – Starting Retail Price: $69,700

Here’s another reason why the recently unveiled Honda Prelude concept should shake up the electric sports car market. At the moment, the entry point to this market is simply too high. It might not be if Mazda decides to release an EV Miata or similar, or maybe even when the MG Cyberster officially arrives, but until then, electric sports cars are too exclusive.

Performance models like the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-Tron GT cost around $100,000, and if you want the top trim, add another $50,000 to that. The Prelude should come in a bit below those prices, and as a better-proportioned two-door coupe, it stays truer to what a traditional sports car should offer. It could even push Porsche and Audi to launch their own electric sports cars, like the Boxster hybrid or the TT (if Audi is brave enough to bring back its now-defunct nameplate). This will undoubtedly bring some much-needed excitement to the electric sports car market.


Honda has revived the Prelude nameplate for its new electric sports coupe concept

The Honda Prelude concept revives hopes that the Japanese automaker plans to return to the sports coupe, but as a hybrid.

Honda Prelude will be a hybrid

Honda engine and performance comparison


2017 Honda Accord Coupe Hybrid

2023 Honda Accord Hybrid

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid


2.0-liter inline-4

2.0-liter inline-4

2.0-liter inline-4

Electrical assistance

Single electric motor

Dual electric motors

Dual electric motors


212 horsepower

204 horsepower

181 horsepower

A turning point

232 lb-ft

247 lb-ft

232 lb-ft

As confirmed on X (that’s Twitter, for those who still need a reminder), the Honda Prelude isn’t a full BEV (electric vehicle) but instead will be a hybrid, so will also use the good old gas engine. It’s sure to appeal to sports car traditionalists who still crave the smell of petrol and need a raspy exhaust note coming from their weekend car.

Honda has made good use of several hybrid powertrains in recent years, all of which boast 2.0-liter inline-four engines with around 200 horsepower. These models, being the next-generation Accord and Civic, aren’t exactly sports cars, so we can cross our fingers that the Prelude will produce a bit more performance than these more down-to-earth offerings. This hybrid powertrain, no matter how much power it puts out, is sure to cause a stir in the electric sports car scene as it offers the best of both worlds; power to keep up with the times and all the charms of a traditional gas engine for fans of traditional sports cars.

The all-new Prelude will “prioritize the joy of driving”

Honda Prelude Concept semi-apartment view

Another thing that leads us to believe that the Prelude could cause a stir is that Honda has made it clear that it will be a driver’s car – not something that any other sports car maker necessarily worries about. which uses electricity. During startup, which is summarized hereHonda’s CEO and president, Toshihiro Mibe, said the Prelude would pioneer the “joy of driving”.

The Prelude Concept will take the “joy of driving” into a fully electrified future

Different drivers will enjoy different mannerisms when behind the wheel of a sports car, but it’s safe to assume that this statement means that Honda will pay close attention to the car’s handling and dynamics, in addition to the little things that make the driving enthusiast smile. It could be anything from haptic switches to a sweet exhaust note, but nobody really knows for sure how they’ll translate to driving pleasure, and we’ll just have to wait and see.


JDM Honda Sports Cars: Our 10 Favorites

Of all Honda’s forbidden fruit, these are the ones we want the most.

The new Prelude could be the most reliable sports car on the market

Honda Prelude Concept rear view

Honda’s latest reliability awards

  • Honda Odyssey 2022: a minivan of the highest quality
  • Honda Fit 2017: The most reliable small car
  • 2015 Honda Odyssey: The most reliable minivan

Honda, like many other Japanese manufacturers, enjoys a solid reputation for reliability and dependability. Gearbox isn’t always something one associates with the sports car market, electric or otherwise, so seeing Honda re-enter the scene is definitely a positive step. A reliable sports car can really take a long time, as many owners will need to rely on the Prelude for everyday hauling, not just weekend runs. This will certainly draw customers away from smaller brands that don’t enjoy such a reputation for reliability, or force them to up their game.

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