Months after endorsing Haley, the Koch Network is suspending support for her campaign

The political network created by billionaire industrialists the Koch brothers announced Sunday that it was suspending its endorsement of Nikki Haley in the presidential election after her latest loss in South Carolina.

The group, Americans for Prosperity Action, has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to boost Ms. Haley and prevent the renomination of Donald J. Trump, but has already dramatically slowed its spending in the GOP race after Ms. Haley lost in the New Hampshire primary last month . The organization made its decision official on Sunday.

“Given the challenges in the primary states ahead, we do not believe any outside group can make a material difference to widen her path to victory,” Emily Seidel, executive director of Americans for Prosperity Action, wrote in an email to staff. The email was first reported by Politico.

Ms. Seidel wrote that the group will now focus on the House and Senate races, adding that the conservative organization remains concerned about the political aftershocks when Mr. Trump won the GOP nomination.

“If Donald Trump is at the top of the Republican ticket, the risk of a one-party rule of the Democratic Party usurped by the progressive left is serious,” she wrote.

Ms. Seidel described how the past three elections showed “what we can expect from voters who have consistently rejected Donald Trump and his impact on the Republican Party brand.”

Ms. Haley’s campaign announced that it had raised $1 million in less than 24 hours since the polls closed in South Carolina on Saturday and lost her home state. She vowed to stay in the race until Super Tuesday, March 5.

In a statement, Haley’s campaign praised Americans for Prosperity Action as an ally.

“We thank them for their tremendous help in this race,” the statement said. “Our fight continues, and with more than $1 million coming in from conservatives in just the last 24 hours, we have enough fuel to keep going. We have a country to save.”

The group’s support, which was announced in November, was crucial for Ms Haley. It came as she tried to take on Mr. Trump, especially given how small her team was at the time. That gave her access to a direct mail operation, field workers to knock on doors and people to make phone calls to potential voters in Iowa and other states.

Still, despite those efforts, Ms. Haley came in third behind Mr. Trump in Iowa. One person close to the network said it focused on reaching voters in the run-up to South Carolina, as opposed to advertising.

After news of the group’s withdrawal became public, Mr Trump posted on his social media website that Charles Koch “and his group have been played for fools from the start!”

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