Apple’s car project apparently failed

Apple has abandoned its efforts to make electric cars, according to Bloomberg reports on Tuesday citing people familiar with the matter.

The tech giant has been working on the ambitious project for about 10 years, although during that time, they have never talked about it publicly.

News of the decision to abandon the so-called “Apple Car” effort was delivered on Tuesday by Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch, an executive in charge of the project, to about 2,000 people working on it, Bloomberg said. in his report.

It’s unclear why Apple made this decision, although it’s possible that changing design plans, problems finding manufacturers, soaring development costs, and the refrigerated electric vehicle market may have all played a role.

Many of those on the car team will likely be moved to projects related to generative AI, an area of ​​increasing focus for tech companies large and small. However, layoffs appear to be coming among the several hundred hardware engineers and vehicle designers who have been working on Apple’s car project.

Bloomberg reporter and Apple tipster Mark Gurman described Apple’s decision to halt work on its electric car as “a surprise for the company” after spending billions of dollars on it over the past decade. Meanwhile, Elon Musk, head of electric car manufacturer Tesla, posted salute and cigarette emoji on social media, apparently relieved that his company no longer has to face the prospect of facing what could be a tricky competitor.

The Apple Car has been in and out of the news over the years, with numerous leaks indicating a lot of turmoil and uncertainty regarding the project’s direction. The top team changed several times, as did the design plans, according to some reports.

The initial idea apparently was to build a driverless electric vehicle without a steering wheel and pedals. But then the Cupertino, California-based company made the plan easier by designing a vehicle with some advanced driverless features for the road. Apple reportedly pivoted again recently with plans to make electric vehicles with fewer self-driving features.

The last we heard was that Apple was targeting 2028 for its car launch. But now it appears the company has finally given up on the project altogether, ending a challenging effort that proved to cause more trouble than it was worth.

Digital Trends has reached out to Apple for comment regarding the reported developments and we will update this article if we receive a response.

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