Best Vizio TV deals: Cheap smart TVs starting at $90

Vizio has become a popular TV brand for those looking for a balance between performance and affordability. Its lineup doesn’t necessarily compete with the best TVs, but Vizio’s TVs produce high-quality pictures without forcing you to spend a lot of money at checkout. This is especially true if you can track down some Vizio TV deals yourself, and there are a lot of them out there right now. And with Walmart’s recent purchase of Vizio, a lot of great prices on Vizio TVs are popping up at the retail giant. We’ve rounded it all up, so read on for more details on the savings.

Today’s best Vizio TV deals

Vizio makes a full line of TVs, from large screens to more modest sizes, and from 4K showstoppers to high-definition offerings. One of the lowest prices for a Vizio TV can be found on the Vizio D-Series 24-inch TV, which is on sale for just $90 at Best Buy. This would be a great addition to any apartment looking to have a new TV. Another great Vizio TV deal is the Vizio V-Series 65-inch 4K TV, which is about 50% off with a list price of just $448.

  • Vizio TV HD 720p D Series 24 inch —

  • Vizio TV HD 1080p D Series 24 inch —

  • Vizio 32-inch D Series HD 1080p TV —

  • Vizio TV 4K V Series 65 inch —

  • Vizio TV 4K V Series 65 inch —

  • Vizio 70-inch M6 Series 4K QLED TV —

  • Vizio 75-inch V Series 4K TV —

How to choose a Vizio TV

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Vizio’s cheap TVs are some of the best value TVs on the market for anyone shopping for a television, but considering the wide range of products, there are a few things to keep in mind before you rush out to buy the first offer you see in the size you want. you want. Before you dive into these Vizio TV deals, set your budget, determine the ideal panel size for the room you’ll be installing it in, and know what you’ll be using the TV for. Will you be using your Vizio TV more often to stream TV shows and movies? Are you planning to watch live sports? Will you be connecting an Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation console to play video games? All of the above?

Also, don’t assume that you have to get the same size you have now. Televisions are thinner, lighter and much cheaper than they were five years ago, so there’s no harm in increasing the size. You’re less likely to be disappointed with a larger TV than with one that turns out to be too small. Check us out TV size guide if you need help with this. Keep in mind that while 4K TVs are commonplace these days, smaller TVs around 43 inches and under typically still feature Full HD 1080p panels. If you explicitly want 4K Ultra HD and the TV you’re eyeing is smaller, make sure it fits your needs before you go for it. Add to basket knob.

While Vizio is one of the high-value brands in the TV market, it also has several high-end models under its broad umbrella. These more premium televisions have enhancements like QLED and OLED displays, which utilize newer lighting technology over traditional edge-to-edge backlighting to produce brighter images with deeper contrast (for example, blacks will look truly black , not dark grey). Some also have built-in modes designed specifically for things like gaming, so keep an eye out for those additional features when shopping for Vizio TV deals depending on your needs and viewing habits.

For example, if you’re shopping for a cheap Vizio TV for a budget-friendly home theater setup, you might want to consider upgrading to a QLED or OLED panel for a more cinematic experience. Luckily, they aren’t as expensive as they were when LED technology first hit the market a few years ago. You’ll find these panels on select models in the Vizio P-Series, V-Series, and M-Series, and depending on the size, you might even find some under $1,000 in your search for cheap Vizio TVs.

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