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Key findings

  • The 1966 Batmobile featured the iconic two-piece radial wheels designed by top speed record holder Mickey Thompson.
  • Lou was delighted with the aggressive styling of the 1992 Batmobile, noting the jet turbine and fully functional flamethrowers.
  • The Batman Begins Tumbler stands out for its unique technical details, including the rear-mounted Chevy V8 engine.

There’s no doubt that many gearheads dreamed of becoming Batman when they were growing up. But not only to fight crime, but also to drive the amazing Batmobile through the streets of Gotham City. Lou Costabile he’s unapologetic about his love for the iconic car, so he was amazed when he met all five generations of the car at the Milwaukee Auto Show.

Filled with nostalgia, he convinces the caretakers of the cars, named John and Mario, to tell him the story of each of Batman’s personal chariots. From muscle car designs of tank-like vehicles, each of which has its own individuality. This fact became absolutely obvious at the beginning of the tour.


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The iconic original 1966 Batmobile makes a splash at the start of the tour

The first car was the one that started it all, the 1966 Batmobile driven by Adam West in the original batman Serial. John explained that although the example shown in Milwaukee was not the number one car, it was toured with the cast and crew as the main backup car. The 1966 Batmobile had two-piece radial wheels designed by renowned car builder and record holder Mickey Thompson.

The actual versions of the discs featured on the genesis of the Batmobile are incredibly rare today, and Mario adds that only a handful of Batmobiles from that era had them. The example in front of them was one of the lucky vehicles that showed the real deal.

Amazing prices on the 1966 Batmobile

Original car from 1966

4.6 million dollars

1960s toy based on the first generation car

148,494 USD

Sources (William George, This is money)

Lou noticed that many of the signatures of the stars of the series, including Burt Ward, who played Batman’s loyal sidekick Robin, were plastered around the car. The car was in perfect condition and even all the anti-crime computers were still working. The device in the back of the car whirred as Lou looked around.

The unusual steering wheel with the huge odometer in the center was fully functional, as was the large compass in the center of the dashboard. John added that the big rear turbo, which was also on the crazy Chrysler turbo, was still on fire. As it is a fire hazard, they were unfortunately unable to test it.

The aggressive edition of the car in 1992 commands respect

Let’s move on to the 1992 version of the Batmobile, which was introduced in Batman returns, Lu was struck by the aggressiveness of his style. The huge jet turbine that powered the car took center stage in the center of the hood, a component that still worked.

The example was the fifth built, according to John, and toured with the film crew during production. Mickey Thompson’s company once again took care of the massive tires, donuts mounted on dark black rims with caps in the shape of the bat symbol. However, this did not help the car’s stability as it was known to be unstable at speed. The cabin looked much more purposeful than the 1966 car, with countless different gauges and switches.

What makes the 1992 Batmobile special?

  • A huge jet turbine accelerates the vehicle
  • The race car-like cockpit features an array of gauges, all of which are fully functional
  • Flamethrowers are mounted on each of the four exhausts
  • Wrapped windshield for improved visibility

John and Mario showed that everything still works and serves a purpose, including the gear lever that controls the automatic transmission. The coolest aspect of the car can be found at the back, next to the turbo. While the turbine was still blowing large flames as expected, Mario revealed that each of the four exhausts also has its own flamethrower. Watch out for the marshmallows.

1995’s Batmobile won the award for craziest of the quintet

1995 Black Batmobile
YouTube @ Lou Costabile

The next was the 1995 version of the car, which was presented in Batman forever and was piloted by Val Kilmer. The car was built in Michigan on a special chassis in preparation for the screen. It was unique in that it had a full carbon fiber construction, which ensured its strength and lightness. Kilmer also kindly autographed the vehicle, his signature being placed on the side of the vehicle.

The car was equipped with a Chevrolet The 350 ci V8 engine provides the sound and power you need to pin down crooks with ease. Design-wise, the 1995 car was by far the craziest of them all. The most obvious elements were the aggressive body side panels, which John said were designed to look like muscle. The rear-mounted batwing was also not to be missed, the piece measuring a mental height of eight feet. The turbine also extended much further than other Batmobiles.

The powerful small-block V8 could be seen through the exposed parts of the car’s sides, with large blue lighting giving it a relaxing glow. This lighting extended into the cabin, illuminating the twin screens that controlled the car’s many systems. Lou felt that it was one of the less popular Batmobiles because of its extremeness, and that fans wanted to see a car that Batman could actually use.

A terrible glass. The most reliable of the collection

2005 Black Batmobile
YouTube @ Lou Costabile

The Tumbler, which was introduced in 2005, rose above other cars Batman begins epos. As John and Mario explained, the Tumbler had several unique and highly technical details that set it apart from its cousins.

First, it had no front axle. Instead, his wheel had its own steering linkage that controlled its direction. Although also powered by a Chevy V8 like its predecessor, the distinctive Tumbler had it mounted in the rear. The engine and transmission are also rear-facing, unlike most cars where they are forward-facing.

Mighty Tumbler Highlights

  • Chevrolet V8 engine, rear-mounted and rear-facing
  • Aeroplanes for increased grip and stability when cornering
  • Tuning the four rear tires to ensure optimal traction
  • The cabin, similar to a tank, has a steering shaft and a video surveillance system in different directions

The menacing body featured large airfoils that were fully functional on this instance, and a powerful body that was designed to fend off anything the cheeky Joker could throw at it. Like the rest of the car, the cockpit had a much tougher look. The traditional round steering wheel has disappeared, its components have been replaced by fighter jets. The Tumbler also had four color cameras that gave the big man a clear view in every direction.


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An exciting tour completes the exciting journey of Batman’s Justice League Ride

Black Batmobile 2017
YouTube @ Lou Costabile

The last machine present was the one piloted by Batman Justice League. Unlike the other four, this machine was used exclusively as a support. This means that it was essentially a moving chassis with no functional systems. However, it still looked its best as its front gun mount emphasized that this was a machine that would make its enemies think twice.

Inside the cabin was a pair of Sparco sport seats, paired with a nice round steering wheel. The profile of the rear of the machine was similar to that of the Tumbler, but had a significantly different turbine shape. Unlike the jet-like look of its predecessors, this one featured a narrower design similar to that found on the legendary Lamborghini Aventador.

Lou signed off by asking the boys which one they liked best. Like parents, when asked which child they preferred, they intelligently answered that they loved all five. They emphasized that everyone had their own charm and feel, and that everyone was incredible to feel behind the wheel.


What you need to know about the new Batmobile

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Sources: YouTube @ Lou Costabile, William George, ThisIsMoney

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