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Key findings

  • The Custom ’84 Chevy C10 features a 6.7-liter LS2 engine with 1,000 hp. thanks to the supercharger.
  • The Restomod project includes a custom air intake and crazy wheels; his mission is to perform crazy burnouts.
  • The average price of a Chevy C10 is $20,000, and this truck is popular for its durability and vintage charm.

Imagine it’s 1984, and leggings and big hair are the order of the day. Apple introduced its Macintosh PC. It Chevrolet also rolled off the assembly line, probably to the sound of Springsteen’s Born In The USA. It’s been clean ever since pickup did relatively little judging by its relatively clean body. It’s time for another installment from Horsepower Depot’s YouTube channel, who is about to install a powerful new engine in a career-changing Chevy. We’re looking at a design that promises to create a pretty powerful truck that can set its tires on fire with the slightest of gas pedals.

More Chevy C10 Madness

This badass Chevrolet C10 pickup has some Corvette firepower

This is a serious burnout machine and one of the coolest Chevy C10 restomods we’ve seen.

Supercharged 1980s Chevy C10 Burnout Machine

In the video, we’re greeted with a 1984 Chevy C10 custom project with the LS swap already done and the engine sitting in the engine bay, almost finished. It’s a 6.7-liter LS2 engine with a 91mm TorqStorm supercharger. In the description of the video on YouTube, 1000 hp is indicated.

It sits on huge rims, but otherwise looks mostly stock – and there’s a plan to add 15-inch dog bowl wheels that could eventually give the car the sleeper look it deserves. Horsepower Depot shows an assembly of how to create a custom air intake that runs from one side of the grille to the supercharger. When that’s done, the pickup is one step closer to being a burnout machine. He says that’s the goal: to build a truck that can burn out as long as it can hold the throttle, Cletus McFarland style.

Chevy C10 build highlights

  • A clean chassis and few visible tweaks make it a great sleeper project, but the wheels are giveaways
  • The assembly has an LS2 stroker engine with a 1000 hp supercharger
  • Its original paint is in good condition and deserves to be preserved

Another Chevy C10 with serious firepower

This zero emission 1987 Chevrolet C10 has 1200 hp. thanks to Tesla

We’re pretty sure General Motors never envisioned this when the pickup left their factory!

How LS-Swap Chevy C10 looks on the market

Horsepower Depot '84 Chevy C10 in garage, front view
Via: YouTube via Horsepower Depot

One of the main takeaways from the video is the clean condition of the truck. As the camera pans down, we see a clean, rust-free frame that appears to have been saved from scratches, dirt, salt, and rain. Hopefully the truck will live on as a useful street truck with a secret under the hood.

Such a truck from the 80s in the style of a “sleeper” with a power of 1000 hp. will make a great addition to the garage. Its rear tires may not last long because the owner wants to use it as a burnout truck. As we can see below, pickup averages are relatively low, but don’t expect good samples to stay that way forever. The C10 is a favorite among tuners and modders, and good builds take the beautiful design of these “square bodies” to the next level while still maintaining their appeal. Although this C10 will have to endure a burnout, hopefully it won’t suffer for long and can continue to enjoy Coffee And Cars meetings in its twilight years.

Specifications of the classic ’84 Chevy C10 and the custom C10

1984 Chevy C10 1/2 ton

Custom 1984 Chevy C10 1/2 Ton LS Swap


4.1-liter, NA I6 / 5-liter, NA V8

6.7-liter supercharged V8


115/160 hp

1000 hp (declared)

Average auction price

$9,200-$13,300 (Hagerty)


Data courtesy of Hagerty, Horsepower Depot

General conclusions about the project and values ​​C10

  • offers an average auction value of $20,000 in all available ’84 Chevy C10 sales in his database (about 60 sold in 5 years)
  • The 3rd Gen Chevy C10 is a popular tuner and restoration mod due to its value, durability and character
  • In good overall condition and with some more modest wheels, this example could be an extremely powerful daily driver and part drag hero

Sources: Horsepower Depot,, Hagerty

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