Ignore the rumors — this iconic phone brand isn’t going away

Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Rumors about the demise of the latest Nokia phone name are not true, and more phones will be released by HMD Global, which has a license to produce them under the Nokia name. This news is sure to please all fans of one of the most established and familiar names in mobile technology.

Digital Trends clarified the situation during a conversation with HMD Global’s head of product marketing, Adam Ferguson, at MWC 2024, amid announcements of the company’s efforts beyond the Nokia name.

An important part of HMD

Nokia XR20 back panel.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

“Nokia is an important part of our future,” Ferguson said. “There is so much heritage and love for the brand in so many places around the world, we are confident we can continue that journey.”

Reports HMD Global may drop the Nokia name and just concentrate on new brands bearing its own name spread across 2023, and this continues right up to the announcement of the HMD Original and HMD Fusion, its new non-Nokia mobile efforts for 2024. But in between The talk of modular phones and Barbie phones is the news that they will “bring back the iconic Nokia device” this year.

“In the announcement we made yesterday, we wanted to specifically address the fact that there is a new iconic Nokia phone coming,” Ferguson continued, “and it is based on one of the best-selling devices of all time.”

No changes?

The front of the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio.
Nokia 5710 XpressAudio Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Nokia name lives on (again), and with confirmation that another phone is on the way, does this mean there are no changes at all at HMD Global when it comes to Nokia? Not too. When asked about the subject and the brand’s plans for the near future, Ferguson revealed:

“What we will see, of course, is more device features from Nokia’s side. I’m not sure if there will be more smart devices this year. We’re launching a lot of exciting things under the HMD name, and it doesn’t make sense to divide our focus like that.”

Over the years, HMD Global has released many smartphones under the Nokia name, such as the rugged Nokia popular. The company holds second place with a 26% market share in the US for feature phone shipments, according to Counter Research. While the Nokia name is still here to stay, it may return to its feature phone roots.

Even so, Nokia will survive

Someone holding a Nokia 2720 Flip.
Nokia 2720 Flip Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Ferguson has seen rumors about Nokia dispelled and is aware that the introduction of a new HMD brand is bound to raise concerns. He closed our conversation by explaining everything as clearly as possible:

“The Nokia brand is alive and well and has a bright future with us. This continues to be an important part of our strategy, with more devices to come.”

That sounds good, although Nokia’s future is currently tied to feature phones. But this could also be the beginning of another end, as this also wouldn’t be the first time the Nokia phone name has been abandoned as it has become attached to a dying segment of the mobile world.

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