Trump will focus on the border as Democrats push for a look at the Florida abortion decision

Former President Donald J. Trump will campaign today on immigration and border policy with events planned in Michigan and Wisconsin, two key battleground states in the Midwest.

Mr. Trump and other Republicans are trying to keep voters on the border as President Biden and Democrats, buoyed by a pair of court rulings in Florida on Monday, are growing more optimistic about their ability to focus the campaign on abortion.

On Monday afternoon, the Florida Supreme Court overturned decades of precedent by ruling that the state constitution does not protect abortion rights, allowing the six-week ban to go into effect. But it also ruled that a proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee abortion rights until the fetus is viable could go to a vote in November.

That means Floridians will vote directly on abortion after months of living with an almost total ban — which Democrats hope will boost turnout and give them a fighting chance in an increasingly Republican-leaning state.

Wisconsin is one of several states with a presidential primary on Tuesday, and its voters will also decide on two ballot measures after the Republican-led state legislature proposed changing the state constitution to limit private funding and staffing of election offices.

Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York also vote. However, Mr. Trump and President Biden have already won their nominations, so the results of today’s primaries are not in doubt. Even Delaware canceled primaries otherwise it would have taken place today.

But a small but significant resistance to their candidacies remains in their parties. Nikki Haley, who dropped out of the race early last month, took nearly 18 percent of the vote against Mr. Trump in the Arizona primary two weeks ago. About 13 percent of Democratic voters have so far voted against Mr. Biden in the primary, choosing either the “uncommitted” ballot option or voting for other minor candidates.

Mr. Biden won both Michigan and Wisconsin in the 2020 election, and Trump’s trip to Grand Rapids on Tuesday follows a weaker-than-expected performance in the Michigan primary against Ms. Haley. Grand Rapids was an urban stronghold for Ms. Haley in that race, with more than a third of Kent County residents supporting her. Mr. Trump’s second event of the day takes place in Green Bay, Wis.

Activists in New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin urged voters to support primary protest votes as a way to register their disapproval of Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza. The president has made some efforts to repair the damaging rift in the Democratic Party over the war, scaling back the full support for Israeli military operations that he offered in the early days of the conflict.

Still, it did little to quell protests against Mr. Biden in the upcoming primaries. And Heba Mohammad, a spokeswoman for the state’s absentee voting group, Listen to Wisconsin, said there was no scenario in which she would vote for Mr. Biden in the general election.

“I think the only person here who makes it possible for Donald Trump to win is Joe Biden himself,” Ms Mohammad said in an interview on local television. “He doesn’t take our requests seriously.”

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, criticized Mr. Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza, but said nothing substantive about what he would do differently if he were president. He also said that every Jew who votes for Democrats hates Israel and their religion.

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