Best portable jump starters for cars in 2024

Whenever you go on a trip, whether it’s a short trip or a long one, it’s a good idea to have a backup ready. Spare tire or stock tire, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, road hazard kit, and, last but not least, one of the best portable tire inflators and portable jump starters. You never know when cold weather, leaving the dome light on accidentally, or a long stretch of Father Time could curse you with a dead battery. Make sure you have one of the best portable jump starters that can save you from traffic jams, starting your car even when no one is around to jump the battery. Of course, that’s why we rounded up what we think are the best portable jump starters for 2024.

Best portable jump starter in 2024

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Noco Improve HD GB70

Best portable jump starter overall

Excess Counter
Safe and easy to use A bit expensive
Up to 40 jumps per charge
Can charge almost anything

The Noco Boost HD GB70 is the best portable jump starter because it is the most versatile. It’s very capable when starting a car, delivering a peak output of 2,000 amps. It also holds a lot of power and can handle up to 40 jump starts on a single charge. It is intended for petrol engines up to 8.0 liters and diesel engines up to 6.0 liters. The Noco Boos HD GB70 can also charge smaller devices like smartphones and tablets, and has a built-in flashlight. So, it’s great for almost any roadside emergency, including if you need a quick phone charge on the go.

Peak output 2,000 amps
Heavy 5 lbs

Clore Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Best portable jump starter runner-up

The Clore Jump-N-Carry JNC660 portable jump starter connects to the truck battery.
Excess Counter
Built-in auto charger Thick
Multiple jumps per charge
46 inch heavy duty cable

The Clore Jump-N-Carry may not be the best portable jump starter, but it deserves second place. The only thing holding it back is the abundance of smaller options on the market — at 18 pounds, it’s quite large and pushes the boundaries of what we consider “portable.” Even so, this portable jump starter has many features that might make it the first choice for many people. It has a 46-inch heavy-duty cable, a voltmeter that provides the charge status of the onboard battery, and a DC outlet that lets you connect 12-volt accessories for charging. There are also many bundle options, so you can choose the extras you might need, such as a rechargeable work light, battery system tester, cover, and more.

Peak output 1,700 amps
Heavy 18 lbs

DeWalt digital portable power station

The best portable jump starter and tire inflator combination

DeWalt's digital portable power station connects to the vehicle's battery.
Excess Counter
Mention the quality of the brand Thick
Multiple jumps per charge
Built-in tire inflator

DeWalt is one of the leading names in the power tool field, and brand recognition may attract many people to this portable jump starter. It works with a peak output of 1,400 amps and 700 amps of instant start. This is an excellent portable charger to keep in the garage or construction site, but it’s even better if it’s kept close to your vehicle because it’s not just a jump starter. The DeWalt digital portable power station is also a tire inflator, as it features a 120 PSI digital compressor as part of the package. And, like the “power station” in its name, it also has a built-in USB port for charging electronic devices.

Peak output 1,400 amps
Heavy 17.5 lbs

Craftsman CMXCESM262 Lithium jump starter

Another branded portable jump starter

Craftsman CMXCESM262 Lithium jump starter in use
Excess Counter
Mention the quality of the brand A tire compressor would be nice
Up to 50 jumps per charge
Built-in tire inflator

Craftsman is a well-known name in the world of tools, so it’s no surprise to see it on our list. The CMXCESM262 is a highly portable yet powerful starter that offers USB power to mobile devices. Even with its 4.59 pound size, it can offer up to 50 jumps per charge. It works with a 10.0L gas engine and an 8.0L diesel engine and is effective even in very cold temperatures. This is a plus because if you live somewhere with a very cold climate, you know how often batteries die. Additional features include a built-in LED area light, smart battery clamp, 24-inch 8-gauge booster cable, battery status indicator, and cable storage built right into the case.

Peak output 2,500 amps
Heavy 4.59 lbs

Yaber jump starter

Best budget friendly portable jump starter

Yaber portable jump starter on white background.
Excess Counter
Very affordable Cables made at low prices
Up to 15 jumps per charge
Three LED light modes.

The Yaber jump starter is the best cheap portable jump starter option available as it doesn’t sacrifice much to give you a very reasonable price. Its peak output is 1,500 amps, comparable to what you’ll find among our other best portable jump starter picks. However, it also comes in a super portable chassis and can still start petrol engines up to 7.0 liters and diesel engines up to 5.5 liters. It also has a built-in light with several different modes and a few other extras, like the option to use it as a portable power bank to charge your phone, tablet, camera, or other devices via USB.

Peak output 1,500 amps
Heavy 11.5 oz

How we chose these best portable jump starters

We frequently had dead batteries and had to use several portable jump starters because of it. That experience informed our selection of the best portable jump starters and offers valuable in-depth knowledge when choosing a device with the best traits — traits you can put to good use when selecting a portable jump starter for your travel backup kit. Here’s what we looked at, specifically, when selecting the top mentions for our list:


Quality is the number one factor we consider when choosing the best portable jump starter. You are already in a jam if you have to use a jump starter. There’s no worse time for a jump starter to fail than when you’re already staring at a dead battery. Our picks for the best portable jump starters take into account trust in the brand name and plenty of high-quality user reviews for added confidence. In other words, this portable jump starter is what you want on the side of the road.


Yes, yes, the word “portable” is in the name, but a mobile jump starter won’t do much good if it’s too bulky to store in your vehicle or too cumbersome to grab when you need it. All of the products we selected for our list of the best portable jump starters require a relatively lightweight design to make them easier to move from one place to another and easy to set up when connected to your vehicle’s battery. More importantly, we ensure they are accessible to people of all ages because you don’t have to hire a bodyguard to ride with you everywhere to handle emergencies and roadside incidents — you always have to be independent.


Every portable jump starter on the market can handle a few jumps here and there, but the best portable jump starter needs to provide more than that. When making our selection, we prioritize portable jump starters that demonstrate consistency with their output and longevity in terms of how many jump starts they can handle before recharging. Additionally, since almost everyone has devices that can be charged at all times, portable jump starters that offer charging ports for those devices are awarded bonus points.


Most portable jump starters double as power packs or portable chargers for additional devices, sometimes even large electronic devices. This depends on the available outputs or ports, such as an additional DC outlet or USB port. We tried to choose jump starter options that are healthy and can be used for other electrical equipment — like charging your phone while traveling.


Beyond their standard uses, many portable jump starters have additional features and functions, such as an LED flashlight or built-in work light. Some have cable management support to help you store and organize your jumper cables. Others may include a built-in air compressor to pump up your tires in an emergency. Whatever the case, almost every portable jump starter on our list has a secondary or additional purpose, making them invaluable on the road.

Does brand matter?

Yes and no. It’s less about the brand name and more about the quality of the jump starter and the cables you use. Too low could mean damage to your vehicle’s battery. We recommend avoiding any device or brand with limited review options. If no one has heard of it, sure, it can be of great value, but it’s probably not a chance you want to take, especially when dealing with something like an emergency jump starter.

Do you have to keep charging your jump starter?

Yes. When not in use, from time to time, you’ll want to take it home or plug it into somewhere, like an outlet in your garage. That will ensure the battery is always charged, and you’re not dealing with a dead jump starter at the same time as your car’s battery is dead or damaged. They tend to hold their charge for some time, but it’s still a good idea to plug them in and keep them at full charge whenever possible.

Can’t I use a portable power pack to start my car?

No. Of course not. Never mind that it’s dangerous, and most power packs don’t have the necessary voltage or electrical protection. They may not even put out enough power to charge or start a dead battery. Only use portable jump starters or power generators that explicitly include such features.

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