MKBHD says this new gadget is the worst it has ever reviewed

Worst Product I’ve Ever Reviewed… To Date

Marques Brownlee has taken a look at Humane’s new AI Pin and described it as “the worst product I have ever reviewed.” However, he also had some positive things to say about it.

For those who don’t know, the Humane AI Pin looks like an Apple Watch without the strap that you clip onto the top. It deploys artificial intelligence and will one day replace your smartphone. But it has no such display, with most interactions triggered by voice and via an interface projected onto the palm of your hand.

This tiny device is launching in 2023 and was unveiled last week as an AI assistant that is always with you. But tech reviewers are quite successful, tearing him apart for his very existence “too simple and not very useful,” and it doesn’t work as promised. In the article covering all hands-on reviews for Humanized AI Pins, Tom’s Guide included the words “this is a disaster” in its title.

Later on Sunday, Brownlee shared his thoughts on the device after using it for the past week. And that’s not good.

Not mincing words, the popular YouTuber said that Pin AI is “too much of a hassle to use” and is “bad at almost everything it does.” Responses to voice queries are often slow, he said, and sometimes incorrect because generative AI chatbot technology still needs to be developed. Before last week’s solar eclipse, for example, he asked when the next eclipse would occur and he was told 2044. Battery life was also poor, with the device only lasting a few hours with heavy use. Photos taken with Pin AI “look really bad,” commented the tech expert, and the video “looks even worse.” Brownlee adds that the projector isn’t bright enough to make it difficult to see content written in your hand outdoors — oh, and the projector only projects text and images in green. Watch the video to find out everything he said about Pin AI.

On the plus side, Brownlee likes the convenience of keeping short voice notes while, say, you’re driving, and also likes how it can be used for first-person videos, even if the quality is currently very poor. . He added that “as a new product and a team trying to make something new — I respect that, I appreciate the effort.”

But he concluded by saying that Pin AI still has a “long way to go” before it can be used properly, and said to “never buy a product based on promises of future updates.”

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