Tesla suspends deliveries of Cybertruck due to problems with the accelerator pedal | Taza Khabre

Key findings

  • Tesla halted all Cybertruck deliveries for a week, reportedly due to a mechanical issue

  • Unexpected delays cause frustration for hopeful owners

  • Cybertruck is no stranger to issues, but an early fix is ​​good news

Production of the Cybertruck continues, but several Tesla electric trucks are experiencing mechanical problems before they even make it to owners. Many potential Cybertruck owners complained Club of owners of cyber trucks forum that they were notified that their delivery appointments had been canceled due to an “unexpected delay”.

“Congratulations! We have just been informed of an unexpected delay in preparing your vehicle. We need to cancel your appointment for tomorrow and we will contact you again when we can get you back on schedule,” the message said. read, according to one of the forum members.

Why the delay?

Details of the delay have not been released to disappointed owners who expect to receive their units this weekend. However, user X and longtime Tesla correspondent The entire Mars catalog said Cybertruck deliveries would be suspended for seven days. The problem is said to be related to the truck’s accelerator pedal, which other forum users have also pointed out.

One user, Avery21, said that the problem is the lubrication that causes slip in the accelerator. Tesla is tight-lipped about the real reason for the delay, but owners who have been patiently waiting for their Cybertrucks for some time aren’t exactly happy about it.


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Cybertruck problems

This isn’t the first problem the Cybertruck has faced since it hit the market late last year. Early owners reported signs of rust on the truck’s stainless steel body, a claim strongly denied by Tesla’s lead engineer. Tesla also fixed more than 2 million electric vehicles, including the Cybertruck, due to font issues that were fixed with over-the-air updates. Some early shipments reportedly came without aero wheel covers.

If the report of the accelerator pedal problem is true, the delay in Cybertruck deliveries is not bad. Fixing major problems before they reach customers is a good company initiative, rather than just fixing them after a few complaints.

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