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When KTM replacing the 790 Duke with its more refined version, the KTM 890 Duke broke the Internet in two in just three years of its existence. One part was impressed with all the improvements KTM introduced in the updated 890 Duke R. On the other hand, another part was disappointed to see the less intimidating 790 Duke. Fortunately for the second section, the KTM 790 Duke made a grand comeback after a three-year absence from the market.

The 2024 KTM 790 Duke, presented in the same good shape and trim, receives minor updates while retaining much of the luster that made it one of the most refined naked middleweight roadsters in KTM’s history. The new 790 Duke has been introduced and positioned as a more affordable, practical and urban bike than the insane KTM 890 Duke R. We take a detailed look at all the things that have changed and stayed the same on the new KTM 790 Duke.

All information and specifications mentioned here are taken from the 2024 KTM 790 Duke listing on the official KTM United States website and press center.

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10 The 2024 KTM 790 Duke has received two new eye-catching color options

Color options: orange and gray

2024 KTM 790 Duke New colors

Call it fortunate or unfortunate, but The most significant update introduced to the 2024 790 Duke is two new color options for a bicycle – gray and orange. While thankfully the bike looks fresher with these color options than before, unfortunately we were expecting more substantial updates to the bike than just new color options.

The motorcycle, in both these color variants, gets a fuel tank extension in the main color with body decals on the sides of the headlight hood, front fender, front edges of the tank extension and the tail section.

9 The 2024 KTM 790 Duke will be sold alongside the 890 Duke R

Difference in power KTM 790 Duke vs. 890 Duke R: 22 hp (103 hp vs. 121 hp)

Three-quarter front view of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke

For 2020, KTM decided to update the 790 Duke with a bigger engine, more electronics and more appeal, giving rise to the KTM 890 Duke, which replaces the 790 Duke. The 890 Duke is now available in the US in a single ‘R’ version that looks sportier and more track oriented.

This is evident in its more advanced hardware and electronics and sportier tail cowl instead of a proper seat. To offer something more practical and less intimidating, KTM has reintroduced the 790 Duke after a three-year hiatus, keeping the 890 Duke R alongside it on sale.

8 The 2024 KTM 790 Duke has not received any changes in its sharp design

Known design features: sharp tank casings; Two-in-one exhaust system

Side profile of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke

Except for new color options and slightly revised body decals, KTM has not made any changes to the original design of the 790 Duke, which was first introduced in 2017 and remained on sale until 2020 unchanged. However, what is interesting to note is that despite being more than half a decade old, the KTM 790 Duke still looks much fresher and sharper than even some of the latest middleweight bikes on sale.

Everything about the bike, including the slanted full-LED headlight surrounded by daytime running lights, the sleek and long fuel tank flares and the angular tail section, make it look aggressive. According to KTM, the new 790 Duke is a quintessential scalpel, making it a strong contender for the list of KTM’s best street legal bikes.

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7 2024 KTM 790 Duke Retains LC8C Engine With Advanced Ride-By-Wire Technology

Maximum power: 103 hp

2024 KTM 790 Duke engine

Many people may not be aware of the historic milestone that the LC8C (8-valve liquid-cooled, DOHC) engine of the first generation 790 Duke became for KTM. Thanks to KTM’s heritage of building cool bikes, mostly with flashy single-cylinder and V-shaped engines, the 790 Duke’s 799cc engine.

Even six years later, this engine retains the same parts and configurations, including a 285-degree crankshaft, while producing the same performance figures of 105 hp. and 63.6 lb.-ft. However, it now gets a more sophisticated wireless control system for reduced emissions and better refinement and fuel efficiency.

2024 KTM 790 Duke Engine Specifications


Liquid cooling, parallel-coupled


799 cc (48.76 cu-in)

Diameter x Stroke

88 mm x 65.7 mm (3.46 in x 2.59 in)


Eight-valve, double overhead


103 hp

A turning point

64 lb-ft

Method of transmission




6 The 2024 KTM 790 Duke has four riding modes and more

Driving modes: sport, street, rain and track

2024 KTM 790 Duke Dash Console

Sharpness and aggressiveness are evident not only in the looks of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke, but also in its handling, which remains one of the most loved aspects of KTM Duke riders all these years. To control all its aggression, KTM equipped it with four riding modes – Street, Rain, Sport and Track. While Street mode is the default mode for normal urban conditions, Rain mode can control the situation during slippery asphalt conditions.

Meanwhile, if one still wants to make their inner bully go crazy, there’s a Sport mode for a slightly spicier approach to driving. Then comes the Track mode for maximum activity, while allowing the driver to turn off the wheel control and get a special display mode on the TFT instrument panel. Other driving aids on offer include ride-by-wire, multi-level traction control, two-way quickshifter, wheel steering and variable ABS.

5 2024 KTM 790 Duke Rolls on Maxxis Supermaxx ST tires

Front and rear tire sizes: 120/70-17 and 180/55-17

Three-quarter front view of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke

When the KTM 790 Duke debuted in 2017, the bike’s 17-inch alloy wheels were wrapped Maxxis Supermaxx ST tubeless radial tires designed exclusively for him. Even in this current iteration, KTM has decided to stick with the original formula, with the 2024 790 Duke also getting the same set of Maxxis Supermaxx ST 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear tires. These tires are more road-focused, durable and comfort-inspiring than the sporty, track-focused Michelin Powercup II Hypersport on the 2023 KTM 890 Duke R.

2024 KTM 790 Duke Wheel and Tire Sizes

Front wheel size

3.50 x 17 inches

The size of the front tires


Rear wheel size

5.50 x 17 inches

Rear tire size


4 The 2024 KTM 790 Duke continues its partnership with WP for suspension

Notable suspension features: WP inverted front fork, WP rear monoshock

Three-quarter front view of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke

Continuing its long-standing partnership with WP suspension, KTM armed the 2024 790 Duke with a 43mm open-cartridge upside-down front fork with split-function technology and a gas monoshock with an aluminum swingarm with an open grille. The split function of the front forks allows the 790 Duke to have compression and rebound damping operating in separate forks. Much of the credit for the 790 Duke’s maneuverability goes to the stiff and compact tubular trellis frame, accompanied by a subframe at the rear, making it a new entrant to one of the best KTM bikes available today.

2024 KTM 790 Duke Suspension Specifications

Front suspension

43mm WP Apex USD forks; Uncontrollable

Front suspension travel

5.5 inches

Rear suspension

WP Apex Mono-Shock; Preload is adjustable

Rear suspension travel

5.9 inches

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3 The 2024 KTM 790 Duke has J.Juan calipers for its brakes

Three-quarter front view of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke

The overall aggressiveness of the new KTM 790 Duke’s looks and performance is matched by its braking system, which has always been one of KTM’s strongest and most beloved features. Even for this latest iteration of the 790 Duke, J.Juan continues to be the braking component partner. While the bike gets twin 300mm discs with four-piston calipers up front, the rear wheel features a 240mm disc with a single-piston caliper, with calipers mounted radially both front and rear. Braking settings are additionally accompanied by two-channel ABS and three-level traction control, which works synchronously with the inertial measuring unit.

Specifications KTM 790 Duke Brake 2024:

Front brake

Four-piston caliper; Dual 300mm wheels with ABS for cornering

Rear brakes

Two-piston caliper; Disc diameter 240 mm with ABS for cornering

2 The 2024 KTM 790 Duke is available with an optional lower seat height

Seat Height: 32.5 inches (31.6 inches with optional seat down)

Three-quarter front view of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke

The new KTM 790 Duke has a seat height of 825 mm (32.48 inches), which is decent for shorter and taller riders alike. However, for the added convenience of shorter riders, KTM offers a lower seat height of 805 mm (31.69 inches) with the KTM PowerPart seat. The 790 Duke is one of those bikes that has equally comfortable seats for both the rider and the rider. The list of KTM PowerPart options for the 2024 790 Duke also includes adjustable rider footpegs, Akrapovic exhaust, skid plate kit, engine skid adjuster and quick shifter+.

2024 KTM 790 Duke Dimensions

wheel base

58 inches

Road clearance

7.3 inches

Equipped mass

384 pounds

Seat height (optional lowered seat)

32.5 inches (31.6 inches)

1 2024 KTM 790 Duke to go on sale in the US in the first quarter of 2024

Initial Suggested Retail Price: N/A

Three-quarter front view of the 2024 KTM 790 Duke

As of now, KTM has just unveiled the new 790 Duke and has released the bike on its official website in the US. While the pricing of the 790 Duke is not yet known, KTM is expected to officially launch the bike with pricing by the end of 2023.

This indicates that the new iteration of the 790 Duke will go on sale anytime in the first quarter of 2024 as one of KTM’s first new bikes for the US market. currently The 890 Duke R retails for $12,949, and the 790 Duke will have a suggested retail price of no more than that. For reference, the starting price of the 2023 KTM 790 Duke was $9,199.

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