AMD FSR 3 finally gets its chance to shine at Starfield

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Bethesda Game Studios

star field It was mired in controversy on PC before launch and after the game was finally released, but developer Bethesda seems committed to patching it into a better state. The studio has confirmed that the game will receive updates for Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling 3 (DLSS 3) and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3).

We’ve known for weeks that DLSS 3 was coming to the game. Bethesda confirmed support about a week after release, following a wave of backlash over the fact that the game exclusively uses AMD FSR 2. The company says DLSS 3 is coming in a Steam Beta update next week, and will roll out to all PC and Xbox players shortly after.

Note, DLSS is only for Nvidia PC users. We will also have AMD FSR3 support in a future update.

— Bethesda Games Studios (@BethesdaStudios) November 1, 2023

The big update here is AMD FSR 3. After a year long wait, FSR 3 is here with barely audible ho-hum titles Aveum Eternity And Forgotten. Considering that AMD claims to be the “exclusive PC partner” for it star field, many assumed that FSR 3 would debut alongside the game. That’s not the case, and we haven’t had confirmation that FSR 3 will be added to the game as of yet.

This is a big problem, because the prospects for FSR 3 to date are not good. Both of them Forgotten And Aveum Eternity not a blockbuster release, and future releases using such technology Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora hasn’t generated the same anticipation as similar games star field. That makes us assume star field will never get FSR 3 support. In AMD’s reveal of FSR 3, just days before release star field, the company has been very quiet about Bethesda’s space RPG.

Adding to the disappointment is AMD’s Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF). This technology was supposed to add frame rendering to thousands of games via AMD drivers, but after its release, it was discovered that AFMF would turn itself off during fast motion. This causes a situation where the frame rate will fluctuate massively during gameplay on titles that do not officially support FSR 3.

Inclusion of FSR 3 in star field shows that AMD technology has power. We still don’t know when the update will arrive, and Bethesda has only said that it will arrive in a “future update.”

While the update is focused on PC, it’s worth noting that Bethesda didn’t say the FSR 3 update will be exclusive to PC. Unlike Nvidia’s DLSS 3, FSR 3 works on consoles in addition to PC. This can provide huge benefits star field on consoles, which is limited to a locked 30 frames per second. This will certainly benefit PCs that cannot use DLSS 3, such as star fieldPC performance is still not good.

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