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Key findings

  • YouTuber Cleetus McFarland buys a crazy 1300hp Toyota Supra to scare passengers and diagnose engine problems.
  • Despite trying various fixes and modifications, the Supra 2JZ engine still would not accelerate smoothly until the faulty spark plug wire was replaced.
  • After solving the engine problem, Cletus takes the Supra out on the road to scare passengers with its brutal acceleration, and plans future appearances, possibly at the drag strip.

The Toyota Supra is one of the most popular JDM cars of all time. The Japanese sports car is extremely popular, especially among the tuner community, thanks to the endless amount of modifications that can be made to the excellent 2JZ 6-cylinder engine with countless aftermarket parts.

YouTuber Cletus McFarland Recently acquired an example that was converted into a crazy 1300hp rat rod that could be enjoyed on the street, not just on the track. In his latest video, he wanted to take out a few passengers to give them a little scare, perhaps the perfect trick and treat for Halloween. However, he had to diagnose and fix a nasty problem with the Supra’s 2JZ engine that was preventing it from accelerating smoothly.

The 1300 Rat Rod Supra does not accelerate clearly at revs

From the start, Cletus explained that every time he pushed the Supra’s rev range, it would suddenly wobble. He decided to put the Supra on the stand to try to solve the problem. First he turned the car’s crazy boost down to level 2 to see if that was the cause of the problem, but nothing changed. Cletus also ruled out a fuel pressure issue as this was dialed in during the previous tuning session.

Specifications of Cletus McFarland’s modified Supra


3.0-liter twin-turbocharged 2JZ inline-six engine

Method of transmission

Six-speed mechanics


1272 hp

A turning point

1013 lb-ft

Source: Cletus McFarland via YouTube

He then changed the base engine tune for a second run to see if the one he was using for drag racing was causing any problems. The problem reoccurred in the original tune, so that was ruled out. Then Cletus decided to drain the Supra of E90 fuel and replace it with E85. He ran another dyno test, but unfortunately the Supra 2JZ engine was still unhappy and refused to accelerate smoothly.

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The Supra almost breaks free from the Dyno as Cletus despairs

When he was running out of ideas, Cletus wondered if he had damaged the engine in the previous race by accidentally running out of fuel during the run. He checked all six cylinders for compression to see if there were any problems, but they all read 130 psi. He eventually contacted the Supra’s previous owner, who was tuning the 2JZ engine. They suggested that there might be a faulty spark plug wire that could potentially cause the engine to run rougher at higher RPMs.

Bringing in a fresh batch, Cletus completed the switch and prepared the Supra for another run to see if the problem was finally resolved. To Cletus’s delight, the Supra turned perfectly smoothly, and the problem was completely solved.

To make sure the test wasn’t a fluke, Cletus re-engaged the turbo to see if the 2JZ continued to rev normally. No sooner had it reached about 7,000 rpm than disaster almost struck: one of the rear belts holding the Supra up slipped. As a result, the vehicle was yanked to the side, but luckily the other three cables held it back and prevented it from hitting the nearest wall.

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Cletus decides to celebrate the Supra’s success by scaring some of the passengers

Cletus McFarland scares a passenger in his 1,300-horsepower Toyota Supra
YouTube @ Cleetus McFarland

As the video came to an end, Cletus decided to test the fixed Supra by taking it out on the road to scare some of the passengers. Earlier in the video, he took his friend Paul out because he didn’t know the crazy car yet.

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He was shocked by the Supra’s brutal acceleration, since Cletus hadn’t warned him how much power it was capable of producing. Cletus then found another brave passenger to scare, first teasing his latest victim and then hitting the anti-delay button.

The passenger was thrown violently back into his seat as Cletus unleashed the fury of the 1300hp 2JZ, which loved absurd acceleration. He later compared the experience to filming a movie, Back to the future. There’s no doubt that the recently introduced Supra will make another appearance in the future, either to scare more passengers or destroy the finish on the track. Cleetus might even feel confident enough to turn the car’s supercharger back up to max with the 2JZ now working in perfect harmony.

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