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Key findings

  • YouTube’s Dylan McCool found a 1977 Ford F-150 pickup truck that has been stored in a shed for the past 20 years, but just needs a little work to get it running again.
  • The truck was owned by McCool’s wife’s grandparents and was used extensively on their farm, making it a well-loved and well-used vehicle.
  • McCool is successfully running the truck, taking it to the Holley Ford Fest and planning to show it off at various shows with his family.

Barn finds are some of the most exciting vehicles, and Dylan McCool on YouTube just came across a great Ford F-150 pickup since 1977. This F-150 hasn’t seen the light of day in the past 20 years, and thanks to careful storage, it’s in pretty good shape. The truck is a one owner vehicle and the ultimate goal is to run a Ford at the Holley Ford Fest.

A YouTube video documents the excavation Ford F-150, bringing it out into the daylight and back on the road. Unlike many found barns, this particular one needs only minor work to get it up and running again.

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Magazine ad prompts owners to buy 1977 F-150 for their farm

1977 Ford F-150 Pickup 351 Ci Engine Specifications



Years of production

1969-1995 years


Naturally aspirated V8


5.8 liter 351 ci V8


143 hp



Known applications

1977-1979 Ford Thunderbird, 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R

(Received from Hagerty)

The truck we see in the video was owned by McCool’s wife’s grandparents in 1977 and was a well-used truck. McCool explains that it was for the farm and was used extensively for various duties on the farm. Sarah and Harold own the truck and talked about ordering it in the video after seeing an ad for it in a magazine. With the farm work he had to do, Harold ordered an F-150 with all-wheel drive. A great two-tone livery was also chosen for the truck.

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Harold explains that his wife, Sarah, drove the truck more than he did, hauling corn, beans and wheat around the farm and to other locations. It was even used as a daily driver to take the children to school. His son, Jason, talks to McCool and recalls how the F-150 first appeared on their driveway. He also remembers how exciting it was as it was the first brand new car the family had ever bought. The second son, Jeremy, remembers riding in the truck with his mother while his father drove their combine harvester.

Daughter Jamie also has fond memories of the classic F-150, like driving home from church camp. Although she caught her thumb on the door. McCool walks around the truck and you can see how well it has been preserved, right down to the orange and white.

The family are big Tennessee Volunteers football fans, hence the color scheme of the pickup truck. In 2001, the family closed the farm, and since then, according to the sons, they have done almost nothing. McCool notes that it has been in business since 2001, but hasn’t changed much. For example, the tires need to be replaced, and a new battery may be needed even though it has been charging.

McCool performs an F-150 engine check

Highlights of this 1977 Ford F-150 Rescue

  • Aunt McCulah used this truck on her farm for decades.
  • Since 2001, it has stood in the barn for over 20 years.
  • The V8 needed a little work to get it running again.
  • McCool managed to make the Holley Ford festival with a pickup truck.
  • Engine is a 351 ci Windsor V8.

McCool opens the hood to reveal the 1977 F-150’s 351ci V8 engine. According to Hagerty, the double barrel 5.8 l The 351 ci V8 engine was introduced in the 1977 F-150, as well as the 400 and 460 ci V8s. The 351 ci V8 was good for 143 hp, and the truck also carried over the redesigned front grille for 1976. The model plates were also moved from the fender to the hood, retained in 1977. The 1977 model was also the first for the Lariat package.

McCool brought a repair kit for the Ford, anticipating the need to replace the carburetor and various other components. An oil dipstick smell test reveals an unpleasant odor. McCool investigates and learns that he recently changed the oil, but it went bad for an unknown reason. McCool also noticed that the charger wasn’t doing anything because the battery terminal was loose. Comes with a replacement battery and a full check of the spark plugs which also appear to need replacement but they spark.

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A little more fine-tuning takes place and McCool tries to get the F-150 going again. The first start is successful, and the engine whines. With better fuel delivery, the engine starts and revs very well.

There are no horrible sounds and McCool notes how smooth the engine is. McCool goes through the gears and she goes into each one, even the horn is still working on the F-150. For the first time, the truck leaves the shed, where it has been standing for 20 years, into the light of day.

Daylight shows the good condition of the 1977 F-150

1977 Ford F-150 Barn Find Front view after polishing
via Dylan McCool’s YouTube channel

Despite the sticky brakes, McCool can get the F-150 out of the shed and look at it from the outside. The truck still looks good despite being out of service for 20 years. McCool takes it out on the road to get air in the tires and add fluid to the transmission and power steering. While driving the truck, McCool says he can feel the flat spots on the tires, a sign that they need to be replaced.

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The temperature is under control, the speedometer works too, which is a bonus. McCool takes the truck to his workshop later in the video to begin the major work. From the sounds he makes, he can tell that more work needs to be done to get things right. But there are many positives, such as the fact that he drove a truck 15 minutes to his workshop. Part of the job also includes cleaning the truck and taking care of it in preparation for its appearance at the Holley Ford Fest.

McCool shows the F-150 and takes it to Ford Fest

1977 Ford F-150 Barn Find Side View
via Dylan McCool’s YouTube channel

After the job, the truck looked just right, and McCool got behind the wheel for the three-hour drive to the famous Holley Ford Festival. Remarkably, despite a few mishaps, the truck still makes it to the show. The video shows McCool uncovering a few more problems with the F-150, but it’s good to have made it after 20 years of sitting still. Ultimately, the goal is to run the truck at 100 percent and take it to various shows with the family.

Source: Dylan McCool YouTube Channel, Hagerty, Hemmings

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