iOS 17: How to move notifications to the top of your lock screen

Updated from an old iPhone to a new iPhone 15? You may notice that your notifications have changed. Where they had previously sat at the top, now appeared at the bottom, stacked on top of each other. This is a relatively small change, but an important one, because it dramatically changes how and where you find notifications.

This change occurred in iOS 16, and is being implemented into the new iOS 17. If you don’t like it, we have bad news: Unfortunately, there’s no way to move your notifications back to the top.

But there are other ways to make your notifications more accessible. If you want to see each notification separately on the lock screen, that’s something you can do. In a very different move to Apple, the company is offering a way to customize your notifications. They still appear at the bottom, but you can separate them so they don’t overlap, making it easier to read.

Lock screen on Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

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How to change the appearance of notifications on the iOS 17 lock screen

If you want to change the appearance and actions of notifications, there’s a whole section of the settings menu for you. Here’s how to find it.

Step 1: Open Arrangement.

Step 2: Knock Announcement.

Step 3: Go to Show as section and select the display mode you want to use. By default, iOS 16 and 17 choose Stack, which has notifications stacked at the bottom of the screen. If you choose Listthis will clear the stack of notifications on the lock screen so you can view them separately.

Another way to change iOS lock screen notifications

Changing how notifications are displayed on the lock screen isn’t the only element you can change. You can use Announcement options to change how notifications for individual apps appear or are delivered, and you can also set up some useful tools to help you manage what appears and when.

The first is Scheduled summary. If enabled, it will aggregate unimportant notifications and send them at the time you want. If you’re sick of receiving a barrage of unimportant notifications all day, but still want to read them at certain times, such as when you’ve finished work for the day, then this is worth setting up.

You can also toggle whether notification previews are displayed or not. This is the default When unlocked, meaning iOS will tell you that you have a notification for an app, but won’t tell you what it says until you open it. This is important for privacy, but if you want to know if there is anything important before unlocking, you can change it to Always. If not, you can also choose Never getting notifications never tells you what they’re about; You won’t know what’s new until you open the app in question.

Lastly, there’s also an option to turn off notification popups when you’re using SharePlay or screen mirroring, again, great for keeping your notifications private.

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