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Key findings

  • Michelle fell in love with the Plymouth ‘Cuda after her boyfriend introduced her to Mopars in a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner.
  • Michelle purchased her Cuda in 1984 after spotting it in a parking lot while Christmas shopping in Palm Springs.
  • The Cuda received several updates, including a new 500 ci V8 engine with 540 hp. and 601 lb-ft of torque, along with a new suspension and factory disc brakes.

Classic Mopar muscle cars are among the most popular of the era, and for good reason. They have iconic styling, impressive performance for the era and one incredible soundtrack. With this in mind, The Corner Classic Car Hunter YouTube Channel showing a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda with a 440-6 engine under the hood, purchased by Michelle, who has owned the car since 1984. Michel is proud of his ‘Cuda, which looks sensational in Moulin Rouge paint, a rare sight on any muscle car.

Michelle talks about the backstory of the car and how her then-boyfriend instilled the Mopar bug in her with his 1969. Plymouth Road runner. This prompted her to purchase her Cuda, which she owned for nearly 40 years.

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Michelle picked up a Mopar bug from her boyfriend

Engine characteristics of the third generation Plymouth Cuda



Years of production

1970-1974 years


Slant-Six and naturally aspirated V8


3.2-7.2 liters


125-390 hp

A turning point

160-490 lb-ft



Known applications

Plymouth Valiant, Plymouth Duster

(technical characteristics are provided Hemings)

After moving to California, Michelle became interested in Mopars thanks to her boyfriend’s 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, and she soon fell in love with the Plymouth ‘Cuda. She soon found the car she wanted, but it wasn’t for sale at the time. But while Christmas shopping in Palm Springs, she noticed a car parked in a parking lot. Michelle bought the ‘Cuda on the spot, and she paid $3,400 for the car at the time. Since then, Kuda has been part of her family.

The car has been on various adventures with Michelle driving it since it has been to Los Angeles several times. She also visited Hollywood and even Las Vegas. Each time, Michelle rode it the whole way.

A few years ago, Michelle decided to replace the engine in her Cuda. According to Michelle, the Mopar muscle car now has a 500 ci V8 with 540 hp. and 601 lb-ft of torque. She did not say where the engine came from. Michelle also settled on a five-speed manual transmission for the Cuda with some Silver Sport components. The engine itself also has a set of shocks to increase the power level.

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Michelle installed a new suspension on her Plymouth Cuda

Highlights Michelle’s 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

  • Michelle bought a Cuda in 1984 after seeing it in a parking lot
  • The Cuda wasn’t for sale when Michelle first saw it
  • Its reconstruction lasted 3-4 years and included repainting in Moulin Rouge
  • Under the hood is a 500 ci 540 Hp V8

The Cuda has an all new suspension and factory disc brakes. The whole build took about 3-4 years to get it up and running, after which more work was completed on the interior and finish of the ‘Cuda. Michelle also chose the Cuda’s Moulin Rouge paint, a color that pops and is rare for any Mopar vehicle. Not many people bought their Cudas in that color.

The musclecar still has its original pistol-grip shifter, and the benefit of its new transmission is that it has gears. New retro gauges were also installed in the car, and the Cuda had some rare options from the factory, such as dual mirrors and factory seats with six-way adjustment. “Cuda” also comes with a track added to it. This was an aftermarket addition by the previous owner, not a factory option. Michelle’s Cuda also has black stripes on the rear with the 440 logo, and the muscle car has a black rear wing.

1970 Plymouth ‘Cudas are highly collectible

1970 Plymouth Barracuda Moulin Rouge Rear View
via the Corner Classic Car Hunter YouTube channel



Average market value


1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

118,760 USD

2,865 USD

(data provided by and (JD Power)

The 1970 Cuda was the first of the third generation, which was produced until 1974. Plymouth completely redesigned the car in 1970 and created a series of coupes and convertibles built on a shorter and wider version of the Chrysler B, E-body platform. The third generation Cuda is one of the most collectible and says the average value of a 1970 Cuda is $118,760.

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The highest price it ever sold for was $2 million, and it was one of only 14 Hemi-powered Cuda convertibles built in 1970. The Cuda was sold at Mecum Auctions in 2019and it is also one of 9 examples of the Hemi Cuda convertible with an automatic transmission.

Source: YouTube channel Corner Classic Car Hunter, and JD Power, Mecum Auctions

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