NYT Connections today: answers and clues for Wednesday, November 1

Connection is the newest puzzle game from the New York Times. The game tasks you with categorizing a collection of 16 words into four (for now) secret groups by figuring out how the words relate to each other. The puzzles reset every night at midnight and each new puzzle has a varying level of difficulty. Like wordsYou can track your winning streak and compare your scores with friends.

Some days are harder than others. If you are having a little difficulty in solving today’s problem Connection puzzle, check out our tips and hints below. And if you still can’t figure it out, we’ll tell you today’s answer at the very end.

How to play Connection

In the Connection, you will be shown a grid containing 16 words — your goal is to organize these words into four sets of four words by identifying the relationships that connect them. This set may include concepts such as video game franchise titles, book series sequels, shades of red, restaurant chain names, etc.

Usually there are words that seem to fit various themes, but there is only one answer that is 100% correct. You can shuffle the word grid and rearrange the words to help see potential relationships better.

Each group is color coded. The yellow group is the easiest to figure out, followed by the green, blue, and purple groups.

Select four words and press Send. If you are correct, all four words will be removed from the grid and the theme connecting them will be revealed. Guess wrong and it will count as a mistake. You only have four mistakes available until the game ends.

Instructions for today’s Connection

We can help you complete today’s Connection by telling you about four themes. If you need more help, we’ll also give you one word from each group below.

Today’s theme

  • Social Media Interaction
  • Use Needle And Thread
  • Hospital Set Performance
  • Expression of Doubt

One answer is revealed

  • Social Media Interaction – Follow
  • Use Needle And Thread- Hem
  • Hospital Set Performance – Home
  • Expression of Doubt – Erm
New York Times Connection game logo.
New York Times

Connections answers today

Still not having luck? It doesn’t matter. These puzzles are designed to be difficult. If you just want to see today Connection the answer, we are ready to help you below:

  • Social Media Interaction – Follow, Like, Share, Action
  • Use a Needle And Thread- Hem, Hem, Stitch, Sew
  • Hospital Set Shows – Home, ER, Ratched, Scrubs
  • Expressions of Doubt – Erm, Uh, Um, Alright

Connection The grid is very varied and changes every day. If you can’t solve the puzzle today, be sure to check back tomorrow.

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