RIP Matthew Perry: Looking back at the Chandler’s Best Friends episode

Matthew Perry on Friends.

Through TMZ, Friends actor Matthew Perry died after drowning at his home in Los Angeles. He is 54 years old.

Perry was born on August 19, 1969 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and her journey to fame didn’t happen overnight. Some of Perry’s first acting roles were in ’80s sitcoms Charles in Charge And Silver Spoonbefore he landed the lead role on Fox’s Second chance. As originally imagined, Second chance features Kiel Martin as Charles Russell, a man who died in 2011 who is sent back by Heaven to 1987 so he can provide moral guidance to his younger self, Chazz, played by Perry. However, the sitcom was quickly transformed into Boys will be boyswith Perry at the helm for the remainder of his season.

Some of Perry’s early TV work also included guest appearances Growing Pains, Highway to Heaven, Empty nest, Who’s the boss? And Beverly Hills, 90210. On the big screen, Perry also became the headline Nine Yards Overall and the sequel opposite Bruce Willis, as well as the film Fools Rush, Almost a Hero, Three to TangoAnd Serving Sara. During the latter part of his career, Perry starred in short-lived TV series such as Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Mr. Sunshine, Continueand the 2015 revival The Odd Couple which lasted for three seasons.

In 1994, at just 24 years old, Perry landed the role that made him famous: Chandler Bing in Friends. Along with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer, Perry stayed on the comedy for ten seasons as it became one of the most popular sitcoms of the 90s. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to pay tribute to three of Perry’s best episodes Friends. These are the moments that helped strengthen his legacy as an artist.

Those Affected by Power Outages (sreason 1, episode 7)

Matthew Perry and Jill Goodacre on Friends.

In just the show’s seventh episode, Perry delivered an incredible performance Who experienced a power outage when Chandler is trapped in the ATM area with the woman of his dreams, supermodel Jill Goodacre. This episode allows Perry to share Chandler’s thoughts in a hilarious voiceover as he gets reckless throughout the night.

Perry’s talent for physical comedy is also displayed in the episode through his facial expressions and body language. He was the personification of awkwardness, and it endeared itself to fans throughout the show’s run.

The One After the Super Bowl: Part 2 (season 2, episode 13)

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts on Friends.

In its second season, Friends is already the hottest show on television, which is why Brooke Shields, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chris Isaak, and rom-com queen Julia Roberts all guest starred in a huge two-part episode that aired directly after the Super Bowl. Roberts plays Susie Moss, Chandler’s former childhood friend who holds a grudge against him because he once showed his underwear on stage when they were kids.

By now, Chandler is so enamored with Susie that he doesn’t suspect that his date with her is part of an elaborate plan for revenge. So Susie leaves Chandler trapped in a public toilet wearing only his underwear. We can’t say that Chandler didn’t get what he deserved, but it was hilarious to see him get his comeuppance.

A Place Where Everyone Knows (season 5, episode 14)

Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow on Friends.

As you probably know, the common theme of all these episodes is that they include Chandler’s awkward encounters with women. A Place Where Everyone Knows no exception. At this point in the show, Chandler and Monica (Cox) are secretly dating, because they don’t want their friends, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), to find out… at least not right away.

The comedy in this episode comes from the awesomeness that occurs when Monica and Chandler realize that Rachel and Phoebe already know the truth, but they try to trick them into admitting that they know it. In turn, Phoebe and Rachel try to trick the couple into dating by letting Chandler believe that Phoebe wants a romantic relationship with him. They take things pretty far and actually kiss before Chandler finally has to admit that he loves Monica. It’s a great character moment and a very funny scene. That was it Friends the best.

You can watch every episode Friends on Max.

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