Tesla Model S vs. Model X: Which is right for you?

Tesla Model

The Tesla Model S is the original cool electric car, with a sleek, stylish design and the ability to go superfast. But there are other premium Teslas in the lineup that are also very fast – and offer more space to boot. The Tesla Model

But that doesn’t mean it’s better than the Model S. In fact, it’s not — it’s just different. But which option is better for your needs? Here’s a look at the two cars and what makes them different — or the same.


Perhaps the most striking difference between these two cars is their design. The Model S is a smaller sedan, while the Model X is marketed as an SUV (though perhaps more of a crossover). However, despite the marketing, The Model X is basically much larger than the Model S.

Even so, the two still have similarities. Both cars offer a similar overall design approach, meaning they both exemplify Tesla’s minimalist design language, which is found in all cars available today. Both have relatively slim headlights at both the front and rear, with glass tops that make it easier for the driver to see the top of the car. Both look pretty good, although the designs have aged a bit.

2021 Tesla Model S.

But the Model X also has some different design touches. For example, the rear doors on the Model X are called “gull-wing doors” — meaning they open upwards, not outwards. This makes the opening larger, and means there’s more room to get in and out of the car — and to set up things like baby seats. Also, it looks cool.

Despite its cool features, the Model X doesn’t necessarily offer a very different design than the Model S. This one is interesting.

Winner: Draw

Interior and technology

The cars’ interior designs are also very similar — apart from obvious differences, such as the extra space on the Model for things like climate control and media playback. Both cars have a choice of traditional steering wheel or steering yoke.

Model X Gull Wing Doors
Alex Kalogianni / Digital Trends

As you would expect from Tesla, this car is very high-tech. As mentioned, most of the car’s controls are built into the infotainment system, including for things like A/C. Some people argue that the advantage of having a sleeker dashboard is to put those controls into software – while others prefer being able to turn a knob to control the infotainment. Through the infotainment system, you can also access the Tesla’s built-in maps and media controls, and even apps like Netflix (while you’re charging the car, of course). Cars don’t offers Apple CarPlay or Android Auto — so you’ll have to stick with Tesla’s own software.

Both cars offer access to Tesla’s autonomous technology — though you’ll have to pay for more than just basic features like lane centering and adaptive cruise control. The price for this is the same for both cars.

Both cars take a very similar approach when it comes to interiors and technology, so it’s something different here.

Winner: Draw


Electric cars in general benefit from fast response times, and the Model S and Model X are some of the best-performing electric cars out there.

tesla model s

At the time of this writing, the Model Plaid Model However, hop on the Model That very fast.

But not as fast as the fastest Model S. The Model S also comes in standard and Model S Plaid models, each with two or three motors. The standard Model S goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds — while the Model S Plaid gets there in 1.99 seconds. It is truly the fastest production car available today.

Winner: Tesla Model S

Range and charging

Tesla doesn’t offer the best range of electric cars – that title currently goes to the Lucid Air. However, the cars are generally at the top of the list electric car with the best range. The Model X offers a solid range, 348 miles in the standard Model

Tesla's lineup of vehicles is connected to four supercharging stations.

But then again, the Model S steps it up a bit. The Model S Plaid has a range of 396 miles, which is great – but on the base Model S, you’ll get an even better 405 miles. Again, it is one of the most durable electric cars out there.

Both cars can charge at up to 250 kilowatts, which is pretty fast — though not as fast as cars like the Kia EV6 or Hyundai Ioniq 5. You can charge the Model S and Model X in about 30 minutes or so. , in a Supercharger that supports 250kW charging speed.

Winner: Draw

Price and availability

The Tesla Model S and Model X are available right now, so you can get one for yourself if you want. However, the price is slightly different.

2021 Tesla Model S

The Model S starts at $71,090 for the standard Model S, or a much more expensive $86,090 for the Model S Plaid. The base Model X is slightly more expensive than the base Model S at $76,090 — but the Model So, if you want to spend money on a superfast Plaid, you’ll have to decide between the extra space and faster speed, but not the price difference.

However, because the base Model S is cheaper, it has an advantage here.

Winner: Tesla Model S

Overall winner: Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is faster and cheaper than the Model need This means you should choose it over the Model X. I recommend basing your decision on the size of car you need, not on things like speed. After all, both cars are still there very fast. If you want more space – like if you have a family – then it might still be worth choosing the Model

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